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  1. I tried the alarm today and it didnt stoped rinning, even after 10 minutes. Frist after I pressed a button it stopped. Normally it should stop after 1 minute or after the song is played once when its longer than one minute. Another bug is, if i want to add a new WLAN the window sometimes starts distorted/shrinked.
  2. Hi, I am testing JB right now, but could you tell me if I can make the whole interneal ROM available for Android? Or at least the most?
  3. THX Malthus, the guide from you link worked great and is easy understandable. I overwrote the CWM with the version from here and then installed JB+GAPPS. Works really nice :)
  4. Seems like not then, could you please explain me detaily, i cannot find what I have to do.
  5. That doesnt work for me, I put everything on my SD Card, I start my G300 with Volume Down and then Start Super Recovery. Then pull the battery out and restart it with Volume Up, but the installation of the Zip file from here doenst installs, there is writte aborted!
  6. Hi, i just installed Android SDK (i hope it was correct) but I still dont unterstand what to do exactly with the IMG file?
  7. Can someone tell me what i have to do with this IMG file? I have installed CWM on my Huawei Sonic with an BAT File, but this is new to me.
  8. Could you tell me please what I have to do with the CWM IMG from the first post? I only know what to do with a bat? I want to install this Mod on my G300
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