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  1. Thanks man, I loved your work for zte skate and I will be joining.
  2. I just wanted to thank everybody on this forum for every great rom for skate and help when it was much needed. Skate has such an amazing comunity! Let me tell you how is my experience with new phone. I bought a nexus 5 because I wanted a fast stock android phone, and let me tell you IM LOVING IT. It is fast as hell, like you couldnt express how much of a difference is there. One more time, thanks everybody! :D
  3. Read some older posts, you have to change the video codec in camera app manually.
  4. Wow man thanks for ponting that out, I dont know what I was thinking.
  5. I think you have to have specific gapps for kitkat. You can just download older apk
  6. I just had to go to quick settings and restard wifi, but now it comes back on its own
  7. Has anyone noticed that sometimes wifi gets dead when you dont use the phone for a while
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