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  1. You need to do all wipes because it's a completely different ROM and different Android version.
  2. I'm trying Hackers Keyboard and it seems has better performance than 4.2 keyboard, but it's not completely lag free. Thanks anyway!
  3. It isn't the same which this ROM has by default? BTW, KonstaT removed it from mediafire.
  4. I would ask for a lag free keyboard. I tried stock keyboard, Smart Keyboard Pro, Swiftkey 3, Go Keyboard, Swype... but i can't find a lag free keyboard :(
  5. You really recommend CM10 for daily use instead of your Swedish Snow? I mean for stability and fastly. Thank you for the work!
  6. Yesterday I installed this ROM and it's extremely fast! But... Is there any way to change launchers from dock?
  7. I will try this ROM! Half-day battery more or less with KonstaKANG CM10. Thanks and hello all! EDIT: I installed the ROM but i have a problem with install apps from WEB Google Play, system says me "Has not agreed to the Google Play Store on your device with this email account." But of course i did it. EDIT2: Finally, it was fixed, the phone appears in Google Play as "Yoigo Unknown ZTE Blade". Congratulations for the ROM, is so fast. Tomorrow I will test battery duration! What a first message in the forum xD
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