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  1. My g300 is dead (RIP g300), so I got Lenovo p780 as replacement for both of my phones... :) It's very good, and battery is crasy... :D
  2. No it's not related to the recovery because my phone just died few days ago (hynix), but I never used CWM for 10.2, always TWRP... So, do the math...
  3. I do not know which one have czech lang, but there's Miui for TCL s950 (btw, is that same phone as Idol 6040D?), look here: http://en.miui.com/thread-2651-1-1.html
  4. I have hynix memory, and I used 10.2 with 3.4, first build, then first in regular topik and ota after that...And phone works, but now I'm on B952...I use TWRP recovery.... 08/2012 is date...
  5. Can someone tell me which phone to buy, with this spec: 5" (or 4.7 and above), quad core MTK, 2gb ram, gorrila or dragon... Thanks!
  6. I got my phone from VIP Serbia mobile provider, and have xinyh flash, but some other people got g300 from VIP too, but they have samsung flash... :(
  7. I didn't format internal sd because backup of B952 is on that sd card, maybe because of that my phone works?
  8. I have XINYN and no problems...From first build to second, and third with OTA...But I use Twrp, and now I use B952...
  9. So, are we gonna see 3.4 kernel on cm10 and cm10.1 or not? :)
  10. Ok, Dazzo thanks for anwser... I will use this rom and i gonna wait for new one...
  11. Only 1 question...Can you Dazzo compile cm9,cm10,cm10.1 with 3.4 kernel? This rom with 3.4 is very best of your work, fast as stock ics, even faster... Thanks
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