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  1. This rom seems pretty stable to me but everyone is having different results to the rom so it is best to try both.
  2. He is trying to get publicity for his youtube videos.
  3. since the update to r4 I haven't been able to download anything on any browsers(from file sharing sites) I did not used to have this problem on r2 so does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this problem? BTW great work dazzozo, I look forward to future updates.
  4. does anyone know what the stock keyboard is on Ginger bread? The most similar keyboard I have found is touch pal but it doesnt seem quite as good as the stock version that I tried. If anyone has a download link of the stock keyboard it would be appreciated.
  5. well, the problem is that the first 20% is used so quick, so i never really know if that 20% is a fault in the battery or the phone. And as for calibrating the battery I normally charge it over night so the battery should be calibrated. (thanks for telling me anyway)
  6. The battery life is pretty good after that first 20% has gone, i am just curios to why it happens in the first place. It seems to happen regardless of the operating system / rom that i use. i am currrently on cm10 r2 and i still have the same problem and i have had cm9 r5 with the same problem i normally go into developer options and set background processes to 0 so that it uses less battery the battery can last for days if i only use it for some browsing / messaging, but if i game on it the battery will last about 3-5 hours maybe more. And i dont know how to calibrate my battery
  7. I have tried gb,ics and jb and they all have the same problem. And there are no background processes running so it can't be that either.
  8. When the battery says that it is full (100%) the battery percentage quickly decreases through the first 20% then the battery consumption slows right down to around 1% every 4 minutes (on average). The battery percentage drops at the fast rate regardless of what you are doing. I would like to know if this happens to anyone else and if you have found a way to fix it. Thanks Also - it is not to do with the battery charge time because i charge it for a good 4-5 hours when it should only take 2 hours to charge.
  9. Well, on ICS and JB it's found in the development folder so I would suggest looking there.
  10. Oh, on their app page it says that it is only compatible with froyo and ginger bread
  11. I was just looking at chainfire 3d and it turns out that it isn't actually compatible with Android 2.1+, so I don't know what it is doing for you but I shouldn't think it is working at all to be honest.
  12. Try disabling hw overlays in the developer options, or fixing permissions with rom manager. That always seems to fix crashing problems for me.
  13. Everytime I try to uninstall an app it just force closes before it actually uninstall's. Has anyone else experienced this?
  14. I have done as you said and done a full reinstall which has fixed the problem. However, it has now developed another problem where it says that com.android.phone has stopped working numerous times. Also I am using cwm v6 (i think)
  15. I have just upgraded to cm10 from cm9 but have developed a small problem. For some reason my home button has stopped working, it was working for a couple of minutes but then for no apparent reason it just stopped. - Is this a known problem / has this happened to anyone else other than me? EDIT: it seems that almost all of my settings aren't working.
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