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  1. What kind of old trick is this? Where exactly do I need to place paper?
  2. Mine (well not exactly, its firms phone) stock rom randomly reboots, not even sure why. I have only few apps. Any ideas what to do? Well apart from flashing this rom.
  3. Hello KonstaT, Is it possible to help you with this matter? If you could give me mail text and adress I could send. Firm bought some cheap phones for work. Huawei software is driving me crazy. I would like to see cm in this phone.
  4. I totally agree. Today I tried 4.3, it lags a lot more and is not as smooth as this awesome rom.
  5. Im gettint strange error that my sim card is not found. I still can get messages. After reboot everything works again. Is it bad sim or what?
  6. I have bricked U8800 pro. I dont know what was done to it because friend gave me to fix it. :D I can enter pink and blue screens. When in pink screen I uploaded image folder to it, but only once managed to get into recovery and flash custom rom. Pressed reboot and phone just died. Pink screen still working. No matter what image files I copy to the device, recovery not working. When trying different cwm, phone turns on, huawei logo shows up and then either continious reboot or black screen and nothing happens. Can somebody share working image folder?
  7. Strange but I dont have this bug. Or just everything is working with it. I have no problems with button lights whatsoever. Flashed rom without a wipe from previous version.
  8. Does this happed with other roms? Is it possible that its a hardware failure? Because I dont have such problems.
  9. I got one from ebay. Mesh case for $1.5. Use search. There is plenty to choose from.
  10. Does anybody experience problem when receiving call, caller name is not showed? But caller is saved in contacts?
  11. Strange but on other phone with the same carrier automatic time works without problems.
  12. Maybe this is what you are looking for http://lifehacker.co...red-home-screen Its not all for android, but there is plenty. And there are tutorials how to make that home screen. Dont be lazy and use google. You can find amazing themes. Im using nova launcher with gestures, mono icons, sense holo theme, uccw topography skin. http://www.talpykla.com/?di=HWK8
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