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  1. 1. does it turn on LED Light ? 2. does it vibrate on power press button ? here's what you can do: 1. pull battery for more than hour (actually worked for me when I thought it was dead) and then try recovery (volume down + power) 2. if 1 wont work, use the official rom from ZTE site, place it on the SD card, and run it with volume up + power hope this will help. If the phone wont respond to charge, or flash a red LED light, then it is hardware fault.
  2. no luck. tried it again, 3 times, doing it in the recommended order, and nothing. Tried to pull battery before install for 10 mins, instead of 20 sec, and still nothing, I reboot, install 2-3 apps, they all crash. Im getting back to CM10 as I cant run any apps on this release.
  3. slewa man, I gave the copy paste explanation, I used the new rom obviously .. Of course I didnt use the old ones. Before trying to help me any further - PLEASE dont consider me an idiot, ok ? I pasted the procedure, NOT the actual literal step-by-step moves that I made. I even quoted: Im going to try in reverse order (reverse in relation to what I wrote, and what you suggested) and let you know what I did.
  4. of course I wiped. I tried to reinstall ROM 2 times, and always the same behavior, simple apps stop at launch. Im not a noob when flashing, I flashed 50 phones till now .. I was always confused by the recommended order though. from zteblade3.com: Select install zip from sd card Select choose zip from sdcard Select cm-10.1-20130317-KonstaKANG-atlas40.zip. (NOT gapps-jb-20121212-signed.zip) Select Yes - Install cm-10.1-20130317-KonstaKANG-atlas40.zip Wait for it to complete. Select choose zip from sdcard Select gapps-jb-20121212-signed.zip Select Yes - Install gapps-jb-20121212-signed.zip Wait for it to complete. Select +++++Go Back+++++ Select wipe data/factory reset Select Yes -- delete all user data Wait for it to complete. Select wipe cache partition Select Yes - Wipe Cache Wait for it to complete. Select advanced Select wipe dalvik cache Select Yes - Wipe Dalvik Cache Wait for it to complete. Select +++++Go Back+++++ Select reboot system now shouldnt I wipe BEFORE flashing rom and gapps ?
  5. KonstaT, im not whining, im asking for help, please forgive me in advance - Almost every game (90%) shuts down at start. and im not talking about games that require hardware power, simple mind games are closing. this is a big problem for me as many simle apps also do the same thing. Am I doing something wrong or tihs occurs to others ?
  6. thanks KonstaT, I made volume 100% all the time. About advanced reboot - it is checked, but still only 3 options: power off, reboot, airplane mode. Anyways, thanks man for making this awesome rom, this device would be 50% less usable if it wasnt for your CM roms. Also wanted to ask you - Why wouldnt you help those guys from Huawei G300 ? :) it seems they will never have full CM without bugs, and you manage to make it with 3-4 releases of developing .. Im asking cause devices are pretty much hardware like.
  7. reporting from my device: everything works much better than CM 10, except: 1. some simpler games like floors/escape games unexpectedly shut down, almost all the time. I cant press "menu" in any simple game if I dont want it to close. 2. I cant seem to find where to enable full CM power button hold menu (reboot/fast reboot/screenshot/bootloader etc .. ) 3. extremely overheating when charging, but much much cooler when playing temple run 2 or other cpu required games (stock cpu settings) 4. constantly resetting media volume to 70% Maybe unique to my device being that problems are weird, but would like to solve this problem with simpler apps if it is on the system side and not devs fault.
  8. Igoritza

    [TOOL] Splash Flasher

    KonstaT how do you make custom image with the EXACT file size ? I am customized with Photoshop and this GIMP thingy looks weird, controls are funny, let alone saving the file. Could you write a 1 sentence explanation of how to make an image via GIMP, appear exactly 768070 bytes ? edit: no need as I figured out the "never used in my life" BMP format. splashed it like a boss! :D
  9. Igoritza

    stuck on splash screen - weird problem

    Dont know. little sister uses it and im trying to repair. after pulling the battery for 5-6 hours, now it gets stuck at FTM screen and still wont enter recovery ... ? And I hoped it would go once Ive seen FTM, damn! EDIT: weird still, but working! DOWN + Power: enters FTM mode, wont go beyond UP + power: little green android that appears when updating, but no more than 4 seconds, restart, then normal boot into android. I have never seen android device flash ROM from SD that fast. Oh, and the trick was pulling the battery, but it needed to be more than couple of hours, dont know why. When I tried it before, it wouldnt boot, and I pulled it for 5-10 minutes. Why would it need to be many hours I dont know.
  10. The phone is stuck on splash screen. unfortunately USB debugging is not enabled. on TOP of that - wont go into recovery ? o.O I downloaded factory rom and tried to force update.zip via power + volume up/volume down but it wont do anything except enter the splash screen. is there any way out of this ? I cant use fastboot/ADB as it is not enabled, I cant get into recovery. if this is important, the phone should be all stock (recovery, ROM) How can I force recovery ? I believe both volume buttons are working as the device is fairly new. please help
  11. Igoritza

    splash screen replace ?

    Im using VIP Serbia version and the VIP splash screen stays on even with the CM10 and complete flash. Is there a way to change the ridiculous VIP splash screen ?
  12. Igoritza

    [DEV][ROM][1.11.] CyanogenMod 10 (Android 4.1.2)

    after installing and severely testing it for 7-8 hours this is what I found: speaker phone working no WiFi issues GUI working perfectly except for ADW settings for icons scroll - only works on "normal scroll". any other effect gives weird icon look. LED flashing correctly I never use Auto brightness so dont know about that. I always use 100% as I think there is no point in using todays IPS 800x480 screens without their full power. 720 or 1080 would be a different situation no restarts no battery drainage when in standby, no overheating on stock frequency when playing temple run2 for hour and a half. KonstaT you actually made the best Cyanogenmod ROM ever, in the category of no-official CM roms. I only have on question - still havent tried DSP on earphones. does it work ? I know for fact that Huawei G300 which is similar cant use DSP and the only way to increase default volume is via 3rd party equalizer which gives out bad sound, not like using the Dynamic range compression which DSP offers.
  13. Igoritza

    [DEV][ROM][1.11.] CyanogenMod 10 (Android 4.1.2)

    I have a BIG problem which happened as soon as I installed CM. My SDcard wont mount. If I click on "mount SD" it immediately goes into "safe to remove". as if command for "unmount" is stuck. How do I get rid of this ? EDIT: trhis is a bug actually, but minor. If you format SD from inside the CM, it doesnt finish the job. I putt the SD card into my PC card reader and it said: "unformatted, format now?" once I formated it on PC, it started working again.
  14. Igoritza

    ZTE Blade III Sim Lock

    yeah, thanks for leading me in to the depths of indian internet dude ... as I figured out after 1h search, tool is available only for purchase and it even appears that the Infinity box is cheaper than this tool. real nice share by these Romanians, but only for service shops not for us regular people. The only difference is that box is not required anymore, and we MAY hope that someone is going to piratize this software and once we download it, keep quiet about it. Tool name: Furious Gold QCOM_SMART_TOOL_v1.0.0.8681 price: about 50USD website: dead at the moment (probably some free hosting and whatnot) but should be: www.furiousgold.com Do not search for it, as it is only mentioned in ridiculous indian forums where people butcher english in the worst ways imaginable. there is no link for downloading it, as I have checked the last google page. unlocking procedure: EDIT: QCOM_SMART_TOOL_v1.0.0.8681 is actually an update for the "furious gold" software for unlocking. and these dudes SOMEHOW managed for this piece of software not to be cracked (which is unbelievable cause tool has been around from 2006). so yeah, forget about it.
  15. Any news on the R2 ... ? Im impatient, I really believe that Dazz can make it almost perfect, being that R1 has small list of bugs

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