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  1. Well thanks for that! It all worked like a charm! I've now got a totally rooted and unlocked phone. The way all Android phones should be. I can't wait to get playing with it.
  2. Thanks for that! I'll have a go. A bricked phone is not much worse than a phone locked to Orange.
  3. I'm new to this unlocking Malarkey, so I just went with a method on the giffgaff support forums that purported to unlock my Orange San Francisco II, but it turned out that all it did was install CWM, and the lovely Fish 'N Chips ROM. But of course I couldn't use my giffgaff card. That's fine I thought, I'll try the kosher unlocking method, which involved getting back to FTM by flashing a stock ROM and kernel. But the phone would not reboot, and just hung at the green Android logo. Removing the battery and inserting after 5 seconds, and then doing down-button-power-on, got me to FTM, but with no working operating system to boot into. Pressing up-button-home-then-power-on retrieved CWM from the image directory on the SD card. Question - without a stock ROM that can remove CWM and give me FTM, what can I do to get my poor little phone to a stage where it can be unlocked? I do love the ability to use a rooted ROM, but that delight is somewhat tempered by having the phone locked to the abysmal Orange, which seems like shackling it to a corpse. Many thanks in advance!
  4. I tried to use the last two of those roms, with the stock kernel, and it just got stuck at the green Android logo. I made the mistake of installing CWM and the Fis'N Chips ROM before unlocking, and now when I try to get to the unlocking procedure I can't because I can never get rid of CWM. Apparently you need to be able to boot into the FTM screen to unlock. If anybody can suggest an alternative approach, or maybe a different stock ROM, I would be very grateful. As it is, I am happy with the rooted ROMs I have, but I'm not at all happy with Orange and would love to put my giffgaff SIM in my OSFII. It's currently languishing in an old Nokia 2G feature phone. By the way, I was using CWM to flash the stock ROMs. Is that something I might have been doing wrong?

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