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  1. Where do u live in India ...... The Acer Service centre near my area works just fine :D Liquid MT has capacitive touch, exposing it to moisture causes the capacitance to decrease and the phone cant find find ur finger on the screen. try soaking it in rice for a night :)
  2. Download Added :) Dont expect too much as it is v1.5a also i havent spent much time debugging it ;)
  3. Some of you may have heard of tablet mode and if you have tried it you know well that it smashes your phone. Apps are small, their layout is screwed, things overlap, crash or stop working, Google Play forbids you to download, if you tried AOKP you cant even use launcher and phone. In short, it is a mess. PARANOIDANDROID changed that. It does not "heal" tablet mode, it obliterates the boundaries. You define how big or small apps are, you define in which UI they display, no matter if your phone runs in tablet or phone mode, which also you can define. Customize every single entity on your phone, lockscreen, navigationbar, system-components, widgets, apps. If you prefer stay with your three bearpaw buttons + drop-down curtain or switch to a combined navigationbar + drop-up notificationcenter, enjoy Youtube in 3D, Gmail and settings in 2-columns, Chrome in its better mobile UI, etc. Nothing overlaps, nothing crashes, everything works as you'd expect. This is completely new ground and has never been realized before, it is lightyears from tablet mode. Download ROM Download Gapps Reboot Recovery Wipe Data/Factory Reset Wipe Cache Wipe Dalvik Cache (via advanced menu in CWM v6.0.1.0) Install Rom Install Gapps (Only the ones given by me ) Reboot Disable Mobile Data Reboot again i dont know much since I have used it only for a few minutes Tell me please .... or solve it yourself :) Lens_flare for his work on CM9 Team Paranoidandroid for their awesome Rom and their guide If I forgot you tell me ​
  4. Success?? Also how are going to do it?? without making ics stable??
  5. Download the GB update (.exe file) from the acer website , install it . Don't close the setup wizard open C:\Program Files\Acer Inc\Acer LiquidMT Tool\acer_EuuDownload_Tool\acer_MergedOSFile that is the bin file you are looking for
  6. Did u try flashing the stock acer rom via the download tool??
  7. Did u replace the device specific keylayouts from /system ??
  8. No not all the libs only libruntime.so and did u replace the boot.img.????
  9. Try replacing the libs from the system folder ;)
  10. Quick settings http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2073276
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