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  1. Belated thanks, been a bit busy will try next week, in the meantime whats the best way to install? load from Zip via CWM or other procedure?
  2. JohnnyZTE, That'll be the one then, so yes please. I see you run 3 of them. Are they unlocked or still on Orange?
  3. Anyone know where I can get stock orange ROM for SF2? None of the regular links seem to work . I didnt back it up whilst updating to F&C, and now it looks like I probably should have kept it to reload so I could unlock the phone to another network. ClockworkMod recovery and F&C installed and working fine on the SF2, but need to get around the bloody SIM lock. Please, Please help if you can. Thanks G
  4. Dean, I note you have 3 x SFII on F&C, can I ask, 1. are they unlocked, and are you using a network other than Orange. 2. Which of the various procedures, did you use? Many of them have changes listed and though I did this December last year, the phone now wants a network sim unlock . This leads me to consider doing it all again but finding a more proven route this time. Can you offer any advice here?
  5. Going from original Orange SF to OSF 2 Tried the one from sanfranciscoandroid.co.uk, but files seem to be missing and generally dont feel confident about it, so intend to try this one. Before I start, though, I have a couple of questions if anyone can help. 1. Does this procedure a. Root the phone? b. Remove any Simlock? 2. The procedure includes A2SD as an option , does this require SD card to be partioned? and if so , what kind of sizes should be used? Thanks

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