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  1. Did any of you china smartphones users encountered this nasty display problem? Someone told me it appeared because of the heat on mine.
  2. Where to reset region and download eurozone EPO? This is how my EPO.xml looks like
  3. Could be a cache problem ordalvik cache. Clear both from recovery, fix permission and you should be OK.
  4. Nope. You can buy any China phone online. If you don't find websites just PM me and I'll send you some.
  5. What you need/want isn't a good phone, but a good photo camera :) Don't forget that smartphones are intended to be more likely a phone before everything else.
  6. More and more people are starting to buy chineese phones for the reasonable prices. Considering this, I suspect that prices will start to get up pretty soon. So, if you really love MIUI I recommend you to buy any Xiaomi phone you can afford. Mi3 is an awesome phone and if you can wait like 2-3 more months and get more cash you will buy something even more nice with all these octacores coming :)
  7. Consider having a look over Xiaomi Mi2S too. Hongmi isn't a bad phone but for those $ you can find a better phone tbh.
  8. 1st you need to find if there are any CWM and ROMs for it. Then, when you find them, I'm sure you will get the instructions to flash it. But in general, for MTK chipset SP Flash Tool is used to write phone partitions ;)
  9. In december I've bought from a known international China seller Jiayu G5 Advanced phone. Full phone specs found here: http://www.jiayu-store.com/jiayu-g5-quad-core-mtk6589-4-5-inch-ogs-ips-screen-smart-phone-ram-2gb-dual-camera-32gb.html. All I can say about this phone is that I love it. Materials used are awesome, the whole construction of the phone itself is very good and daily use is above expectation. Camera sensor is one of the top at the moment but the low quality of flash makes it almost impossible to use in dark conditions. It has an unofficial MIUI port but all working for daily basis. I don't feel sorry for the 395$ payed including DHL shipment, custom tax and the extra 3000mAh battery. The screenshot posted is from phone used with his stock 2000mAh battery with 2 SIM active.
  10. Unfortunately today I sold my S500 and I can`t help you guys anymore with testing ... Wish you all the best in the future of development!
  11. good one I know it but: "...This app will not work on devices with Jelly Bean (Android 4.1+) because of changes to Android security." ;)
  12. In the /mnt directory I only see: asec obb secure so I guess only theese are mounted in teh storage directory I see sdcard0 sdcard1 <- this should be the external SD but it shows empty when I access it I guess there is a conflict with the mounting points from stock JB kernel (this mounts them in /storage/sdcard0,sdcard1) and the CM kernel wich mounts them (if I remember correct - to /mnt/sdcard,external_sd) pretty darn hard because I can`t really provide a logcat yet...I try again and post it here if I can ;) PS logcat here http://db.tt/zQt8iz3M and here http://db.tt/mCmb8ADN
  13. The terminal emulator fix doesn't work Error: mount No such file or directory
  14. I know teh feeling mate I did it too once for a SGS+ like a year ago but I quited this hobby because I have no free time ;)
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