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    [GB] [2.3.7] CyanogenMod 7 [ROM]

    CM 7.2 from 12.04.2013 -Removed Chinese markets, added a couple of programs and subject -fixed memory To download, please register. later lay on the file exchanger http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=358122&view=findpost&p=21706306
  2. Riverlions

    [GB] [2.3.7] CyanogenMod 7 [ROM]

    I do not know. I had installed a 895
  3. Cyanogenmod 7 from Chinese developers Translated into Russian (with jbart), removed the Chinese application, cleaned up a bit - user tiger667 (4PDA.RU) Forum topic 4pda: http://4pda.ru/forum...post&p=19298560 ROM 109808 - http://yadi.sk/d/k6Tpar_o2NCxq ROM 2030 - http://yadi.sk/d/StD4S5U03B2YH Google apps http://yadi.sk/d/9rv0whO02NCy6 kernel-Sementa​l-Gb-1.3 - GPS http://disk.yandex.r...cH6QY5BkzhMtlc= -wipe data/factory reset -wipe cache partition; -Advanced -> Wipe Dalvick cache - mounts and storage-> format /system - mounts and storage-> format /data install .zip from SD card -> choose zip from SD card I am not a developer, but a normal user who uses this firmware. English do not speak. only through translate.google.
  4. I placed this ad on 4PDA (Topic: firmware u8815)
  5. AnTuTu 4451 (CPU - 1228)
  6. in RootExplorer vystovit have file permissions XX0 X00 X00 for changes in the system files of a folder, you must press the button R \ W -> R \ O sorry for my english ->translate.google :unsure:
  7. "/system/build.prop" -> "debug.composition.type=mdp" -> "debug.composition.type=gpu" 2 - widget install to internal sdcard
  8. audio_policy_R1.rar audio_policy_R2.rar
  9. Riverlions

    cm10 sound boost

    I do not speak English, I write through the translator It is necessary to install and display the widget on your desktop, all control over the widget. download without registration http://yadi.sk/d/8DLFvOYG1ESUI
  10. Riverlions

    cm10 sound boost


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