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    Bargain Watch: The Nook HD firesale continues

    I got one before exchanging it the next day for a Nexus 7. Don't get me wrong it's an amazing tablet spec wise, but the Nook desktop just wasn't my bag - too restrictive - it also felt like I was meant to use it just as an ebook reader even after the update which included the Google Play store. Too much hassle though to mess with it and change to a custom ROM for something that was new and under warranty. I'll miss the screen though ;) Nexus 7 is powerful, but boring to look at till you customise it to your likeing - but at least you can! Sorry Nook, sniff!
  2. Hi guys, I don't usually comment much in these forums, but as I've been messing with my Ascend again and trying out different roms, I thought I'd mention what I thought of this Jelly Bean Rom. My usual rom is CM9.1 ("experimental" - maybe an early version, not sure) i.e. ICS but after getting a Nexus 7 for my birthday thanks to the Mrs, thought I'd try Jelly Bean on my Ascend. So I tried this rom which I must say appears to work well in all that I tested it with bar one, the battery drain - and boy does it drain! well at least compared to ICS CM. For me I don't normally use my phone for anything other than the installed offline apps, so the likes of using Wi-fi, bluetooth, GPs etc are very rare. On the CM9.1 rom I can get an amazing 9-10 days on it with a few calls and a handful of texts every day, maybe a bit more if I didn't get worried about not having my phone charged and usable - this I think is pretty darn amazing. When I tell anyone else that, they can't believe me, but it's a fact. I've been using CM9.1 since Christmas. This Jelly bean rom though discharges so darn quickly - charged to full at 6am, by 10am it was down to 90%! So I went back to my original ROM last night and charged my fone, 3 hours later the phone still remports that I have 100% (probably not perfectly accurate, but what else can you go by?) Other than a few Jelly Bean embelishments, such as the new clock, lockscreen and seperate pull-down notification areas I'm not missing much with ICS anywayz. I also tried out the Electra rom last night, but it wouldn't install in CWM - back to ICS :)
  3. JayAscend

    Which way to go?

    Well typical me, I couldn't wait any longer for a replay and decided to take the plunge, here's the review ;) :D
  4. Hi, Here's my humble review of this fantastic ICS CM9 ROM (13th December 2012). My Huawei Ascend G300 Overview I bought this phone (from Amazon.co.uk) as it was a good price, as I'm sure everyone else thinks so. Having a 4” screen, 5MP Camera, a 1GHz processor and ICS as a stock download – all this for around £100, bargain I say! My last Android phone was a HTC Wildfire S, so this was a bit of an upgrade. It was locked to the Vodafone network, but unlocking only cost around £5 from Ebay. I immediate rooted it and removed some of the bloat that Vodafone had stuck on. The battery life with the Stock ICS once downloaded wasn't bad compared to what I've had before. I'm not a heavy user anyway, I tend not to have Data on, or Wi-Fi. The later I use when I need it maybe once a day for checking Email and sometimes checking out Google Play. Most of the time I text with the odd phone call here and there. Even though after rooting and removing the odd app, I was getting a little frustrated not having a more vanilla version of Android, such as the ICS lockscreen, keyboard and various other bits. So I thought I'd give it a go installing a new ROM. For me it's scary, I know everyone says that the phone is cheap, but it's my only phone and I look after all my gear, so I was a little paranoid that I might end up bricking it – either that or I'd have functions of the phone not working. I've previously upgraded my wife's Chinese Gingerbread MID 7” tablet to ICS which went well without a hitch, so I guess it helped persuade me. I used the great Huawei Ascend G300 guide here on Modaco for the under 5s – it took a few attempts to get right as I was pressing the wrong volume button for certain parts – my bad. Incidentally my Huawei is on baseband 2030 ;) One other issue I had is that the drivers for Windows 7 conflict with my Huawei E122 USB 3G modem, it took a while to work out what was going on. It appears that the modem won't work when the drivers are installed, so I had to download everything and the web pages to follow while I installed the new ROM – afterwards I just uninstalled the G300 drivers and the Modem worked again. It mentioned in the guide that things might take a while, but I have to say it was pretty quick. I still don't understand why you have to re-root the device part way through, but I did it anyway. The “RootG300.exe” file appeared to be from the same link. I choose this ROM mainly because it looked the most cut back vanilla ICS version I could find, plus it had plenty of screenshots (a major thing in my opinion). The boot animation screen that is shown in the screenshots was not the same (it didn't look that good), infact the version here is pretty cool – in case you haven't seen it, I won't give you any spoilers ;) A darn sight better than the glitchy crued stock Vodafone one. Even though it took longer to boot than normal (I realise this is normal for the first boot), it was pretty quick – it certainly didn't take 10 minutes or whatever, more like 2-3. The phone booted into the usual PIN screen for my Tesco sim and then had the standard Android wizard to set things up. All went fine, although I did my google account afterwards manually. So how quick is it? From what I can see it's pretty nippy – the lockscreen is better than the stock Vodafone, more minimalistic (which is what I like) – it's also customisable. The Default Launcher is good and also has more options than a stock ICS one, such as icon spacing and transitions, but looks the same - all good here. Altering the window and Transition animation might make it a bit more fluid, but it depends on how much smooth vs how quick you want it ;) There is a nice effect when you close the phone, the screen shrinks to the middle similar to an old TV set. I've only seen this on one other Android phone before, but it could be pretty common, but looks good all the same. The notifications bar when you slide it down has slightly different smaller icons for the toggling the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. plus this is also configurable for the Battery icon and time etc. So all good here too ;) The apps that are installed are a bit of a mix, I'd like to have seen a more comprehensive list ticking more boxes, but it's no harm at all as you can obviously download what you want to suit. Here's a quick list of the default apps: Apollo – Music player, for some reason my album art isn't being shown though Browser – Vanilla ICS (browser as far as I can tell) Calculator - Vanilla ICS (browser as far as I can tell) Calendar - Vanilla ICS (browser as far as I can tell) Camera – This has some cool differences although looks like Vanilla ICS, see below Clock - Vanilla ICS (browser as far as I can tell) Dev Tools – I've probably no use for this, but if you need more info for the backend, it's probably handy Downloads - Vanilla ICS (browser as far as I can tell) DSP Manager – Nice to see this, a graphic equaliser for the sound on the phone Email - Vanilla ICS (browser as far as I can tell) Gallery - Vanilla ICS (browser as far as I can tell) – had a few issues with this :( Messaging - Vanilla ICS (browser as far as I can tell) Movie Studio - Vanilla ICS (browser as far as I can tell) News & Weather - Vanilla ICS (browser as far as I can tell) People - Vanilla ICS (browser as far as I can tell) Phone - Vanilla ICS (browser as far as I can tell) Play Store - Vanilla ICS (browser as far as I can tell) Search - Vanilla ICS (browser as far as I can tell) Settings – Pretty standard look, but with a lot more customisable options, cool! SIM Tool Kit - Vanilla ICS (browser as far as I can tell) Superuser - Vanilla ICS (browser as far as I can tell) Talk - Vanilla ICS (browser as far as I can tell) Terminal Emulator – Not much use for this myself, command lines scare me ;) Torch – Uses the camera LED to illuminate your way (probably wastes a lot of battery in use) Voice Dialer - Vanilla ICS (browser as far as I can tell) Camera One great thing is that the Camera app is so much quicker, smoother and better than the stock Vodafone one, focusing is now great! The pics are still a little under-saturated (maybe it's just my hardware), but it all works so much better – like it should have in the first place. Gallery App It's the only app that I've had issues with, going into it crashes 1 out of 5 times, no apparent reason why, it's pretty random. There is an ICS styled version on Google Play which looks like a carbon copy - I might download it if this gives me anymore issues. The Keyboard Looks pretty ICS vanilla to me, the smart touch that came with the vodafone was good, with big keys – I thought i'd end up installing it again as it's available on the Google Play Store, but surprisingly I've found that I make less mistakes with the standard keyboard on this ROM – even though the keys look tiny, who'd have thought? So what is working for me? What I've tested so far is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and all of the above apps, no issues so far 24 hours in. I'd have like to have tried the 3G, Data connection and GPS, but I can't easily at present. Settings There's a lot here, and too much to mention – I've not tried other ROMs so I can't compare, but lets just say it's pretty comprehensive compared to vanilla ICS or the stock ROM. Wallpaper There wasn't much to choose from, there was a bunch of Cyanogen papers, which weren't my bag and the default ICS ones which are very random as you probably know. Tones There is an extensive list here which is really nice. I don't know if they are standard ICS ones, but my wife has an ICS Xperia Miro which has similar – very good. Battery Life? It seems good, compared to the Vodafone stock ICS it appears marginally better, but it's really hard to know unless you scientifically test it with a full charge on each with the same functions for the same length of time. The important thing is that it's no worse ;) I charged last night at midnight and I've opened a few apps to test, although it's been on standby most of the time and is on around 95%. Wi-Fi will probably be more of a drain, but like I said it's hard to test, unless it depletes like a mad thing. I think that if you go for the alternate percentage icon for the battery in the notification area, you'll be watching it more and probably see it drain quicker rather than just looking at the standard battery icon that doesn't move much. I don't want to spend my time focusing on it, so I switched the percentage icon on for a bit, then turned it off for good ;) It's as bad a habit as always looking at a watch to see what time it is, then 1 minute later being asked the time and you can't remember! What would I add? I'd like to see a file manager as this is pretty essential these days – the Dev tools and Terminal are a little bit pointless for me, but they might appeal to others. I'll probably add a different Music app, as I said my album art wasn't shown. Maybe change the Gallery app if it doesn't right itself. Excuse the extensive use of the word “Vanilla” in this review, but it's the best word I could think of – I don't even like Vanilla much, or the colour ;) So as a final note, thanks to all the devs involved, you've done a smashing job, well done! Oh yeah and as it's getting near that time of year, so Happy Christmas everyone! Jay :)
  5. Hi guys! I'm pretty new to the use of custom ROMs, I've flashed a Chinese Tablet previously to ICS, which luckily went without a hitch and it improved the Tablet ten fold from it's ugly Gingerbread. But having just got my new Huawei Ascend G300 I'm a little retisent to muck around with it, as it's my only phone and I don't want to mess it up and brick it - that said I realise that it's reasonably straight forward with the instructions e.g. "Explained like you're 5". I read the majority of the lengthy posts on each ROM here, although it can get a little confusing as to know which ROM is best - although that is probably more down to personal preference I expect. My main reason to update from the stock ICS is that like many I hate all the bloat that Vodafone has stuck on, and the lack of consistency with the overall ICS theme. Although I rooted and unlocked the phone and removed some things, it's not as 'Vanlla ICS' as I'd like - it just doesn't feel clean ;) Currently I'm interested in "ICS CM9 4.04 Cyanogen 9.1" and also "ROM ICS Infusion Final B06/B07". Although I really have no idea whether these would be good, but at least there are some screenshots to go by. Please suggest others if you think it may be of use! It appears that most ROMs don't have all the features working from what I've read, and it can oddly vary between peoples phones, plus even the stock Vodafone one doesn't appear to be 100% either. Could someone give me any advice as what the above ROMs struggle with and what improvments I might get from them? Plus the info given for "Explained like you're 5" is this fine for both of these ROMs? What is the best way to do a complete backup of my phone to take it back after modding in case anything goes wrong? Is a Nandroid backup the best option or will it interfere with the install guide mentioned above? Any non-biased advise would be greatly appreciated, Jay :)

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