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  1. InspireHomeAutomation

    Inspire Home Automation Internet Room Thermostat Review

    The £149 price is only when installed as part of a new system. Their prices are as follows: "£199 for those customers with existing British Gas Energy or British Gas Services accounts. £229 for customers who are new to British Gas. Please call the number above for more information. A price of £149 is available when Remote Heating Control is installed as part of a new Central Heating Installation from British Gas." No, the Inspire device is our own design and is not sold to anyone else.
  2. InspireHomeAutomation

    Inspire Home Automation Internet Room Thermostat Review

    Hello Alasota. Yes we do have plans for a fully wireless version, however it probably will not be ready until Autumn 2013. Also it will push the price up by another £40 - £50.
  3. InspireHomeAutomation

    Inspire Home Automation Internet Room Thermostat Review

    Good Morning An update on the power consumption. The gateway draws 1.3 watts from the AC supply. (Or 3p per week) The number of timing settings per day seems low We will fix this shortly. £125 seems steep for a programmable thermostat though - decent non wireless ones are £30-£50 (mine's £31 currently) Not much we can do about this at the moment I'm afraid. We have two boxes for our system, which immediately doubles the price, then the wireless modules (£10), then the AC power supply (£5), Also your £30 unit was probably produced in 10 - 100k quantities in china. We are producing in the 100's. Obviously as quantities go up, the price will come down, but it will never be £30 i'm afraid.
  4. InspireHomeAutomation

    Inspire Home Automation Internet Room Thermostat Review

    Good afternoon everyone. I am one of the developers of this product. Many thanks for the comments. We read and take note of all comments about the product. Obviously we cannot please everybody as if you ask 10 different people what they wanted from the system, we would get 10 different answers. From the beginning, our aim with this product was for it to be easy to use at a sensible price, and I hope that we have achieved this. Now to answer your questions. What is the trigger range on the thermostat? Currently +0.5 – 0. This may be adjustable in the next software release. Is there a minimal time? Currently not. This could be added if there is a need for it. However unless you have your thermostat located somewhere very draughty (eg by the front door) then I don’t think this would really serve any purpose. There is a 10 second averaging filter on the temperature measurement. Do you ship outside the UK? Currently not due to insurance. However if you had a uk friend you could ship it to… Hopefully this will change in the future. Can you set a custom temperature, for a limited period of time? Let's say I have a party and I want to set the temperature to 21 degrees for the next 7 hours, then return to the programmed schedule. Is that possible? Nearly. Yes you can switch the device to “ON” and set the required temperature for your party, then switch it back to your normal program schedule. However you could not set it to be “ON” for x hours, then revert back to normal programming automatically. maybe I want a different schedule on Saturday vs Sunday. I agree that most people will be happy with the 5+2, 2 change points schedule, but if I want a more flexibile scheduling, is this possible? We didn’t do this as we thought it made the unit too complicated. However we have had several requests for this, so it will be going in the next software version. However there is a 7 day scheduler so you can have different times/temperatures for each day of the week. - is it possible to change the settings directly on the device? Maybe my internet connection is down, or their server is temporarily down; I have to rely only on the custom settings, or I can reprogram it directly on the device? Yes everything apart from the scheduled start is settable on the thermostat itself. A web server on the device/gateway would be great, but I assume they don't have one. No there isn’t one, however it is possible. What would you want it to do? Replicate our “my thermostat” webpage? I don't understand why they can't replace the timer, as it seems to replicate a lot of the functions. This was considered at the concept stage. Two problems. First you would only be able to switch heating on/off, not adjust the temperature. Other major problem is there are different types of timers. Some are external, many combis have them built into the boiler, with a different design for every boiler manufacturer. The thermostat seemed to be the obvious part that was fairly generic across all heating systems. Yes we could have included hot water on the thermostat, but that then involves additional wiring. We will consider a module in the future if there is enough demand. A good boiler should be able to produce hot water in 15 – 20 minutes, while you are unpacking the car J Power requirements. Thermostat 2x AA batteries (supplied) Should last a year, however we think this can be improved upon with some software tweaks. Gateway Plug in. Will measure the power usage, but I would guess about 2-3 watts. Is there a “Standard” for home automation? None that are really suitable. X10 is insecure and obsolete. Zigbee is very expensive. In order to achieve our “easy to use” and “sensible price” goals, we had to create our own custom protocol. there is another WiFi thermostat, also made by a UK manufacturer (heatmiser) Heatmiser uses wifi so do not have a “gateway” however you need the neutral at the thermostat. Wifi is very power hungry so not suitable for battery operation, and is definitely not compatible with our future plans hence why we chose not to use it. Another thing to bear in mind is that Heatmeiser requires some IT knowledge to set up (open up ports, static IP etc). Any other questions/suggestions we will be more than happy to answer.

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