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  1. Yeah, well its not same in all countries but its last day now we good 3 weeks of vecations, and i scored 5.00 grades, means all 5 (A) not shure how is in uk, and im really happy :D
  2. I did o told its based on cyda ..... becouse im not shure how would work if i download from official ics , dunno how to automatically root -to stay rooted and if will work in cwm , and by the way how to change what writes in cwm while installing it. So when i get back from school, ill post pics and write more about it , but it isnt perfect jet, lets say it is Beta or Alpha not really shure.e
  3. sorry didnt knew , no need gapps this is just stock+, no gapps needed and ill post soon pics, when i get back from school, by the way my friend expirienced a crash on new keyboard sometimes but 2 days using here still nothing ill fix it untill then if u guys wanna try it if there is bugs pls tell me ill fix all as fast as i can still i am a newb...... :) :)
  4. here you go hope u guys like it http://www.solidfiles.com/d/2c5c6878cf/ this is based on cydas stock+ and credits go to him and all that helpt him. In here i cahnged boot animation, camera is kitkat, keyboard is jb, and few other things are suprise for you :D
  5. Hi guys i made(customised) a rom and made one of them better , i took stock + rom , it works perfectly for me but i dont know if it is legal to post it here, and if cyda allows me to. So if anyone can tell me can i post rom so others can download and put or no, and what should i do. :) :) :) :) :) :)
  6. I didnt understood what is this kernel and what does it do ? and could u guys pls tell anything about http://www.modaco.com/topic/367334-quick-help-if-can-be-helped/
  7. Hi guys probably not a place to post this , shurely not a place to post it but i figured all experts are here. I searhed google and all other forums , but i cant find solution. It is not at all about phone it is about pc, my pc components match required (and better) for mac os x but when i install it internet isnt working .... and i can't use ethernet, doesnt exist in my country and wierelless is too expesnive and dont wanna risk if it works and i really want mac os x. BUT cuz i cant also afford to buy original i used Iatkos s2 or 3 cant remember everything worked perfectly except net so im asking for your help, is there any driver or anything that will fix it i am using 6 mb/s wiereless router huawei ecsholight HG530 Telekom Srbija-Serbia. Thank you all for your effort and help and i am sorry for bad english.
  8. slimgb by jseevi , atomicmod gb , tesla ics , stock plus ics .... for jb dunno , or you can try kitkat cm 11 i think by dazzozo
  9. doesnt need to mean , did u only tried using cm roms ? maybe perhaps try something else like slimgb or stock+ or tesla they all work nicely , i myself did updated on hynix aoskp i think gb 4.3 or 4.2 had it like 3-5 days nothing bad happened but i got scared and turned back to ics or gb changed it few times to see what works best. U should try some different rom. I hope i helped u.
  10. HB with a little late gongz bro , you really kept g300 alive and fun :D hope u live atleast 100 more years
  11. Thats why i am asking here someone to guide me :D , cuz i got no knowledge i saw some kitchen roms thing but no for huawei ascend g300 ... and other things for cm mode look a like but couldnt do anything.
  12. nono , i ment if it can be made to be able on ascend g300 not if it can work just to dl it and put.
  13. Hello , i was wondering if a rom from galaxy gingerbread can be put on g300. But so it can have full its aps inclouding task manager and everything else, and its look - theeme. I know for S3 theemee but i dont really like how it looks i like old look. Im asking cuz i love the look on it i hade galaxy mini but broke it ..... I think on this phone could go from Samsung galaxy s or idk . Thank you very much and i mean on something like this. http://www.jayceooi.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/XWKK2-SGS2_01.jpg
  14. Hey i use tesla rom , i tried downgrading it do gb but it didnt wanted to downgrade so stayed to tesla after that my sim (telekom mts) wont read neither the baseband it sayes (baseband unkown), i know i have 2030 ???????
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