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  1. Wow, took some searching to find this thread! I've fresh installed my phone to sell to a monolingual Arabic language speaker (due to G600 upgrade) so I hope this doesn't slow it down for them after time like Alhimyaa found
  2. I just saw the phone in a brochure from the supermarket up the road, and it's listing as £142 so I'm going to be going in there asap to get one to replace my G300 I think. It's recently released in India and just touched down in the GCC (UAE/KSA) EDIT: and got it in my hands. Much, much faster/slicker than my u8815/g300. It came Huawei branded (no Vodafone bloatware like the g300 I got in the UK) and unlocked. The camera is really fast (the G300 was awkward because of how sluggish it was to focus and take the shot) Basic games like Jewels are much smoother. However, the screen seems a little stretched (like the height of pixels are different to the G300) and the buttons at the bottom are reversed so need getting used to.
  3. G-razer

    Gaming on the Huawei ascend g300

    Having come from an Android phone with no GPU onboard, I've only got a few days of trying out games on such a small platform since years/decades ago using a PocketPc, or Sega Gear handheld. I've got the Stock+ custom rom with cpu set to 1.22ghz. Having not seen that topend games are going to work well on this unit, and not really wanting to play FPS's I've been looking at other, lower quality games that are innovative or remind me of fun games I used to play. I have a gaming desktop where I play FPS's online only for the community, my needs for gaming on my phone are generally waiting for appointments, before I go to sleep, etc. That said, here's my experiences so far: 'Temple Run', that I've seen pop up as a popular game, lags quite frequently, causing far too many frustrating deaths. 'Subway Surfer' is colourful and fun and similar to Temple Run, but likewise lagging that leads to unfortunate deaths. I found a Star Wars type clone on Play that reminded me of old days gaming, the X-Wing type games, called 'Alpha Squadron'. Couldn't resist myself :) There's a bit of lag every so often, and audio break up, and the game must be installed to internal not the SD card or won't load levels (it's only 44megs) bit of a battery drain too, but the onscreen analogue controller and simple firing and boost make for a bit of fun much like I remember in the past and I'm happy with it (only finished level 2 so far) 'Sprinkle' is a fun little game at first, then gets tiresome. Runs smooth though 'Grabatron' seems to me themed like 'Destroy All Humans'. Runs smooth. It can be a right laugh, although awkward to be tipping the phone about and still managing to press the screen to use the grabber, bit of a fumbler. It appeals to me in grabbing cars and and rocks and smashing it into everything, or grabbing humans and launching them through the air screaming to splat on the ground. I can see that staying on the phone. 'Jewels' (Bejeweled clone) run fairly smooth and remind me of the fun I used to have with the original on my old PocketPC so i'm happy with it now I've jumped from my last phone that lagged so badly I couldn't play it. 'Train Crisis HD lite' has some amazing graphics and audio, but it crashes far too often, and there's some lagging that can create frustration. Other reviewers have also pointed out issues I've had (which are programmer issues, not the phone) also with needing to download levels after installing the game, which sometimes seizes the phone needing you to yank the battery. I may try putting the game onto internal storage later, although concerned about the growing storage necessary for the downloading of levels on top of the game. 'Radiant Defence' is a tower defence game that is quite cartoon like and has a stroyline, but very visually dark and because of this I'm not liking it as much as I like some other tower defence games that worked on my last u8160 phone without a GPU. It's all down to playability really at the end of the day. EDIT: Totally forgot. I've shoved the class 4 SD card in my new phone from my last, slower phone. I wonder, since I've used Link2SD to put installed software by default to the card if this has lowered my gaming results.........
  4. Is anyone producing a (affordable) wireless analogue controller and folding display mount for Android phones yet? I've put a few games on my phone and there's certainly a niche for it.
  5. G-razer

    Replacement Camera App

    Hi Rico, I replied there thanks. The issue was that changing the resolution in IgCamera comcorder (free) didn't actually lower the resolution so I thought something was wrong with the phone camera. There appears to be a bug in that app (I'm using the Stock+ custom rom) On going into the stock camera I could reduce the resolution, then swiping over to camcorder function the setting stuck so it could be used. @Sashko, I'll try the bitrate at 8mbit's and "action" scene mode later for outdoor use too.
  6. G-razer

    BBC: "We'll fix Android iPlayer"

    I'm glad they're doing this. I've come late to the game, only just shifting from a phone that I couldn't install it on, to the g300 I initially marvelled at being able to install and use it. Until I ran it in high setting and the frame rate wasn't enough, and even the lipsync was out!
  7. G-razer

    Replacement Camera App

    What are the best settings for IgCamera in camcorder mode? I'm on Stock+ rom and looking to remove the juddering and blur.
  8. G-razer

    Which way to go?

    Roughly translated as: "I am sorry I am new to" ?!?!
  9. Although this thread stopped in May, I have just got the phone on Voda, updated all the software, rooted it and have found the volume is too low really with external speakers. Can I ask if the phone has an external speaker function? ie. you plug in an x-min2 speaker and it asks if you are using headphones or music stand and if you choose headphones you get restricted sound, but if you choose music stand it allows you to go loud. I have plugged in my x-min2 and the volume is pretty much the same as what comes out of the phones speaker which doesn't fill the room. note: plugging in my headphones is absolutely fine, but that's a solo job. I've got a small but decent portable external speaker here that seems to be of no practical usage
  10. I've heard in general these 3rd party batteries don't tend to have the life of genuine ones (less recharge cycles before they stop holding an effective charge), so I recommend getting in the habit of rotating your batteries. ie. You'll know when you want a lighter, slimmer phone out with you and you're not going to be away from home for too long, or if you're on a long journey and need more juice from the fatter battery to watch videos on the way. If you put your genuine battery on a shelf out of the way and the charge trickles down over time you'll have no battery when you need to go back to it, and since the only way round that is remembering to 2/3rds charge it every month, you'll agree that route is a lot of hassle.
  11. Okay, first of all don't take this as a personal attack, take this as advice. Your videos could do with stripping out the music due to your dialect. Since you're speaking a dialect that omits sounds that are there in Standard English (which an international audience requires for basic intelligibility) that Ja-Fake-en accent in the video at a low volume with the music spliced in as a second track at too high a volume in comparison overwhelms your voice. On top of this we have your passive, broken tempo speaking voice creating additional intelligibility issues in an audio presentation for the target audience. Whilst you and your immediate family and cohorts may be able to understand it, the listeners on this website and elsewhere are very likely going to have problems with it. Until you've fixed those, it would be best to strip the music away, cut up real time video feeds of items such as displaying systems apps and menus to flick through as you speak over on an additional audio track (commentary). And please, put some clothes on, this isn't a dating website.
  12. Did you ever install the Realtiy Mod for BF2? That was more fun to play than every other game on the market imho. Mic's a must, and a brain too.
  13. G-razer

    Which way to go?

    I've got the phone, unlocked and rooted and the software installed to work as I like it. But I've wrapped it up, because it's a xmas present to me, and I like having things to unwrap on the day and can leave it alone til then. I'm still researching the roms and whether it is worth it right now. I'm wary of flashing a custom rom on it. It's a good phone specs wise and I'm moving up from a u8160 which I've tried loads of custom roms on and prefer the Legdroid CM7 flavour. They are necessary on that phone, as you need to overclock it to get it comfortable, and activate the multi touch (which the Voda rom has disabled) Unfortunately the U8160's camera can get a bit flaky, although it's working fine this flash (seems to be hit and miss with flashing, or with the state of the download zip I guess) and I can't install certain software that I could before (trainline, other timetabling software that has purchasing facilities) You say the camera on the u8815 is now responsive. I have to admit the focusing wass dire on the phone when I tested it and I ended up with a lot of blurry pics, plus you can only make someone hold a pose for so long and then they move away just as the shutter finally clicks after focusing. I've also seen a video someone uploaded, which showed smooth playback. I tried to make a video and it was jerky. Did the flavour of rom you flashed in solve the video frame rate too? After reading through this forum it appears that some of the more modern roms aren't as good as some of the older ones, although I need to get reading again and see what's what. MY gaming is limited to Klondike and Bejewelled really, I'm not into 3D games except on a desktop pc and they are battery killers, so they aren't primary with the phone. I do want to remove the obscene Voda branding off it though, and be able to install software to replace the stock apps that end up blocked from installing (docs2go for example) So, additional thoughts?
  14. Fixed! The new Vodafone firmware update disabled Rom Manager flashing recovery. You have to do it manually (Thanks to kgs from xda-developers over IRC for this) http://theunlockr.com/2012/10/29/how-to-install-clockworkmod-recovery-on-the-huawei-u8160/ Download Fastboot and the recovery image (put on desktop) from there and follow simple instructions to manually flash on a Windoze pc: Cable and battery out of phone. Battery in Down volume and Power to hanging hourglass Connect usb cable Rename the recovery image to "recovery" for ease of use Hold shift and Right click desktop, choose "open command window here" Type in the command box "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img" Let it quickly flash the image then type: "fastboot reboot" Detach cable and you can then boot into full Clockwork Recovery v5.0.2.8 like before and all options are there.
  15. I've just come across the same problem. After having used Legdroid custom rom for some time I decided to revert back to one of Voda's official roms because the reduced battery life and camera problems were bugging me. I got them from here: http://johnnyparanoi.....<br /><br />I have tried three of them: U8160 V100R001C02B617 (GB Vodafone) and U8160 V100R001C02B650 (UK Vodafone)(05010PTW) and U8160 V100R001C02B617 (Ireland Vodafone) I can't remember anymore what the original rom supplied with my phone on retail purchase looked like, but it seems similar, although the Play store now looks very different in the phone. Following the original instructions I used to root and custom rom flash my phone I get the same issue. When I press and hold the power button to reboot, there is no reboot option. Only 3x options of which one is "turn off". I've tried installing screenshot software and get no option in that long power press to screenshot (although that may have been in a custom rom admittedly) When I reboot, it goes to a black screen with large blue lettering. No "install zip from sdcard" option available. I'm wondering if Voda changed their roms to eliminate users custom rom flashing the phones at some point? I am going to try searching further for older roms to flash the phone, install rom manager and clockwork recovery and then attempt to reflash a custom rom again. Whilst I have better battery power and my camera back, I can't overclock the phone on the kernel past 600mhz, there is no multi touch, and I like to put mine to 650-670 to behave itself nicely, as well as removing the Voda bloatware. EDIT: I just tried to backup my current rom with Rom Manager and it booted into recovery where there are no options to backup anything!

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