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  1. yes, I disabled them because the phone would overheat very fast and if I rise from 60 to 70 deg throtling temp, even then, will get the freq under 1.5 ghz in just few minutes. so it's better without, but you have the sources there, so it's possible to do something with OC.
  2. http://www92.zippyshare.com/v/fRnLdjnv/file.html
  3. My dropbox is up but the problem is that dropbox blocked all my links because "excesive downloads". So, give me another good upload website, other than mega or dropbox or google...
  4. @execpwd the link is not dead, but dropbox blocked my account because they said that I can not share those files with someone else. And it's not just about the acer, is about everything(I have there also some files for oneplus). Anyway, you can download the file from here: https://download.chainfire.eu/696/SuperSU/UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.46.zip?retrieve_file=1
  5. :( it's a problem from the operating system, I can't help you. Try to unlock at someone with a Windows(genuine)or you install a Windows correctly.
  6. http://www.microcentertech.com/tech_center/DB/read_article.php?faqid=./HowTos/HOW5006661B.htm but you need to enable them, not to disable.
  7. Do how you think it's easier. When it doesn't detect the phone, usualy ot's because the OS(windows) it's pirated.
  8. Just follow the universal unlock method. I understand, but you need some skills if you want to unlock the bootloader and flash this kernel. This is your problem.
  9. You need to Download my tool or to follow the other way to unlock yur bootloader. What was on vache ftp was to unlock it if it was network-locked. http://acercloudmobile.blogspot.ro/p/tool.html or . You can also find some useful tutorials here:
  10. Of course, just don't forget to mention the author.
  11. Kernel based on opensrc_Acer_AV051_S500_RV04RC09_WW_GEN1-20130322 kernel source code from Acer!! Below is my first kernel. This kernel is optimized for performance and daily use. Features: V1.0 -Linaro 4.8.3 04.2014 -A15+O3 optimization -Overclock up to 1.89 ghz -Boot freq: 384-1512MHZ -Minimum Freq: from 384 to 192 mhz -Cpu governor: +Interactive +wheatkey +intellidemand +intelliactive -IO scheduler +Simple - removed ROW +BFQ +FIOPS +ZEN +VR -disabled msm_dcvs -smooth patch ported from galaxy s2 -UnderVolt from Faux123 -changed voltage limits from 0.8-1.3V to 0.6-1.4V -disabled CIFS -optional gpu OC to 480mhz from 400mhz -USB Fast Charge -Constant minimum charging power to 500mah -Sound Control V3+V2 by Faux123 -Defconfig tweaks -Dynamic Sync Control(fs/dyn_sync_cntrl)+patch -AES/SHA1 arm/crypto -Kernel Sched LOAD_FREQ 4*HZ+61 -lz4 compression -AUTO-HOTPLUG+Max online cpu-s+min online cpu-s+tweak kmsg -RAM Optimization -ZRAM/ZSMALLOC -KSM -VSYNC/FSYNC in defconfig -VFP at higher priority -mdprecision enhancements -Enabled NEON + AEABI-NEON -Clean boot image(stock) V1.1 -Two versions, with/without oc -faux sound update to 3.6 V1.2 -Kernel version 3.4.7(it still show 3.4.0 because if I want to show 3.4.0, wifi won't work). -Cpu thr. temp from 60 to 70 degC -ARM: 7670/1: fix the memset fix -workqueue: backport from Linux 3.6.11 -backport rwsem from Linux 3.11 -l-ib: introduce some memory copy macros and functions -defconfig tweaks -many more but I'm to lazy to write them V1.4 -swap off -io shceduler TEST off -lots of DEFCONFIG patches -Kernel 3.4.10 -ROW Default IO Scheduler -add kernel messages to msm_thermal and msm8960_tsens -cpufreq: Retain only online cpus in managed_policy->cpus -Bluetooth: Remove unused hci_le_ltk_reply() -msm: cpufreq: boost freq of online cpu(s) to max on resume -qce 50 update -update ARM topology and cpu_power driver -SELinux: include definition of new capabilities -lib/int_sqrt.c: optimize square root algorithm -Input: Send events one packet at a time -AIO: Don't plug the I/O queue in do_io_submit() -thermal adjustments -exFAT support -cpufreq: ondemand: Boost CPU frequency only for touch input -fix for app-mounted directories -SCHEDULER: Autogroup patch group by current user android UID instead V1.5 -tracer debug dezactivat -net: Fix 'ip rule delete table 256' -af_unix: speedup /proc/net/unix V1.6 -no idea if there is anything new -GCC up to UBER 4.9.3 http://acercloudmobile.blogspot.ro/2014/09/kernel-itadv-v1.html Source: https://github.com/srsdanitest requirements: -unlocked bootloader -root -busybox instructions: 1=on 0=off [V1.0] Download: 1-OC Cpu 0-OC Gpu Faux 3.0 [V1.1] Download: 0-OC Cpu 0-OC Gpu Faux 3.6. Download: 1-OC Cpu 1-OC Gpu Faux 3.6. [V1.2] Download 0-OC Cpu 0-OC Gpu [V1.4] 0-OC CPU 0-OC GPU Download [V1.5] 0-OC CPU 0-OC GPU Download [V1.6] 0-OC CPU 0-OC GPU Download and install via recovery(cwm/twrp). Apps: Sound Control Or voltage control
  12. So. You need to unlock your bootloader if you want permanent RW kernel. YOu can use AT 0.4 to do that. You can also use after that, option 26 from tool to flash another kernel. And about root for some of your app, try to use xposed+some module to hide root from some of your apps.
  13. If you know romanian: http://acercloudmobile.blogspot.ro/2014/07/tutorial-video-drivere-windows-881.html . It's simple.
  14. @jy95: https://mega.co.nz/#!AYNywLYC!ncDA9pbgIFc4XLNB8Mp1LanXrz-w4wa3sp7RJ_GG0z8 download it and place boot.img , Then, flash via cwm/twrp. That's all.
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