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  1. Tried a million variations no go Going to try and downgrade from 2030 see if that helps mayb this baseband doesn't like imt2100 - *downgraded but to no avail *got bored tried my telstra sim couldnt connect to next g (850mhz) =\
  2. Optus uses gsm 900 gsm 1800 W-cmda 900 and imt2000/2100 I believe pcs is unrelated for us From your settings above only other relevant ones are W850 and BC6 (imt2000)? Just an educated guess from alot of googling re what the different acronyms mean... I think you're very close
  3. thanks for your efforts champ - not using 2g only is interesting hows your area in terms of 3g/H coverage
  4. so were screwed? =\ do you guys think will the upcoming ics update from voda will fix ours problems with optus?
  5. id imagine imt2100 and bc10 combined are the go for optus?
  6. re optus: ive tried 900mhz and 2ghz but to no avail - finds networks on both -2g and 3g respectively - doesnt stop the dropouts without 2g only setting
  7. ryuhou69

    Official B936 Vodafone NZ

    yeah i guess ill just wait for the ics update and hope that remedies the problem im with a different telco which runs 2100mhz/900mhz freq - same as nz vodafone - figured id give it a try didnt work ive tried changing the preferred freq to 2ghz 900mhz etc - cant get 3g to work =\
  8. ryuhou69

    Official B936 Vodafone NZ

    Thanks paul I must have missed something phone still says Europe when I check region setting
  9. ryuhou69

    Official B936 Vodafone NZ

    this seems to be from europe? does anyone have new zealand rom
  10. ryuhou69

    Official B936 Vodafone NZ

    Hi guys does anyone stil have the b936 (vodafone NZ) rom in update.app format - can only find repack online original links are broken - need the baseband from the rom to hopefully fix my aus phone which is stuck with 2g =\ thanks in advance mike

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