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  1. Hi guys I've tried installing many version of Gapps on my S3 inc. minimal version. I clear the 3 catchs each time, but the Gapps dont appear. I've tried on slimbean, PAC and PA roms but the same happens on each one Its driving me crazy as this is a new phone and want to start using it What am I doing wrong?
  2. Is there a DSP Manager I can use with this rom? Or beats audio? Or Ac!d?
  3. Have to say this is the BEST rom I've used for this phone! Prefer it over paranoid 4.2 apko
  4. I like this rom. I'm using the crescent version but have no performance options under settings. I cant uninstall halo launcher and I'd like to make the os animations run faster Thanks for the work
  5. Can't figure out a way to get it working. Im on paranoid 3.0
  6. yesterday I ran into a problem where I adjusted the brightness too it's lowest and the screen went black. I couldnt see the slider to active the screen again. The simple solution was to restore to a backup i had made
  7. I noticed there are no ringtones or alarms or notification sounds. I took them from here and place them in /sdcard/media/audio/alarms/ /sdcard/media/audio/notifications/ /sdcard/media/audio/ringtones/ /sdcard/media/audio/ui/ then reboot Anyone know how I can get toggles in the notification pull down?
  8. I changed my partition size to 200Mb but couldn't get the play store with any of the gapps I was installing with the rom. So i went back to 16Mb partition size but still cant get the play store. If I install a gingerbread rom I get the store though..... Strange
  9. Back in my glory days when I had a SII I installed Beats audio. I see there is this, but will it work on crescent? (ginigerbread or jellybean) If not what would? thanks
  10. Am I the only one using using Link2SD? Is there a downside to using it?
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