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  1. yayakuya

    CM abandon E400

    it's not the end of world.... think about to get a new device.... if you love LG style, L5 has CM10.1 running on it.... come... move on...!!! :)
  2. yes, it's will works... you better read the second page. there's already asked... :)
  3. no, your base-band version was screwed up... i saw you when you were using my JellyBean style for CM9 too... i have never meet those bugs as you said, coz i'm using V10K open Europe ... try to flash it with KDZ, then let me know...
  4. yayakuya

    can anyone make this for L3 ?

    stock CM7's UI... very old...
  5. yayakuya

    [ROM][E400][Custom Stock] Y2.3.6K JellyRevenge

    ofcourse... idk for some people, Playstore doesn't appear on JellyBread... but Gapps's support files are included. would you tell them for just use root explorer then go to /system/app > install Phonesky.apk (Playstore) manually from there. thanks FYI btw, next update will use your SDMerge into this ROM. it's Xtreme version... :)
  6. yayakuya

    [ROM][E400][Custom Stock] Y2.3.6K JellyRevenge

    Oops! sorry.... links changed now... enjoy.... ;)
  7. too lazy for make many threads as usual.... :P just go right XDA: Y2.3.6K JellyRevenge post your comments here or there...
  8. keep up a great job... but take your times as well... @all: please NO ETAs...!!! appreciate all devs works n don't so hard to push them for your satisfies.... we (devs) have another real life beside developing n hacks our phones... thanks for understanding...
  9. of topic... here you should to search; http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=39379591
  10. yayakuya

    how to change icons ?

    replace all icons inside your launcher. any launchers....
  11. it's not so easy to do some smalis editing.... (really hate smali!!!) i need more times, even sacrifice my family's times... but i will make it all possible Mods from CM ROM into Stock some day ;) btw, thanks for your "package" ^_^
  12. gellmar, can i just take your patch...? i have a bad internet connection here... :( i can just download abt 30~50Mb files for once... sorry if i bothering... thanks i will give you credit for my work of sure... btw, how can i donate to you??? :)
  13. oww hell yeaaahhh... :D quick question, gellmar i need to know what just changed in da ROM? is it just kernel or something on framework etc.? i wanted this merge to be my next ROM... i edited framework-res.apk already. if you made some changes on that one, is it just on /res/layout/usb_storage_activity.xml??? thanks for your great job :thumbup: owh... last one :P is it possible to overclocked it...? Regards
  14. it's would be awesome...!!! DeathArrow with CM10... Gellmar with CM7... and Me, will port many ROMs when both are booted.... :) don't be hurry, take your times as well... i'll be here for expansion....

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