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  1. what cpu type do you have,1 or 3?
  2. Wow,that would be incredibly awesome.You shall have a beer or a vodka from all romanian with cloudmobile,and trust me we are more than you can drink :D
  3. Thanks for explanation :) I wised i had the standard cloudmobile and jelly bean already :D
  4. What do you mean by dual-carrier models? I see no dual-sim ...
  5. That sucks,seems we have to wait official acer jelly bean update...
  6. What error did you received,how does you phone power up,any error message,did it said that flashing succeded?
  7. Nice,did you also modify build.prop so that it wilk work on orgrod variant ?
  8. So we take that file u posted,rename it to update.zip and proceed from cwm boot to flash it?Will it work on a orgord variant?
  9. It can brick it,but you have warranty and orange will give you a new one,i already bricked mine once and got replaced ;)
  10. They did not build the device,acer did...Who knows what's the difference,we need a datasheet to see whats up
  11. Very likely,makes me wonder if that signature can't be attained from previous orgrod firmware's and injected in this one?
  12. Bad news then... There could be 2 options i guess,a leaked firmware for this ORGROD variant with 8260A-1 cpu or modifying the leaked firmware and change the hardware string,after all,i do not think there is any difference is functionality between 8260A-3 and 8260A-1...no?

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