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  1. apometru

    stock rooted ics.... transparent appdrawer?

    well... it's not random. i played a lot with it and with very many values ranging from 320 (the default one) to 200 and i found that everything works just fine until 265 including this value. the png that are part of menus, launcher, different apps work fine, look fine and don't have visual artefacts. go below this value and the first thing you'll notice is that the bubble notification.apk has stuff that looks weird and well.... not that good. you should also be careful cause you might have lag from time to time, it's because there is more space to process, and the png's are shown at full but in bigger resolution. this also happens if you use live wallpapers. ;) have fun with dpi:)
  2. apometru

    stock rooted ics.... transparent appdrawer?

    sorry i couldn't help i was at work. i edited the dpi because i wanted more workspace on my screen. i wanted it to look a bit like 1080p not 720p. glad it worked for you :)
  3. apometru

    stock rooted ics.... transparent appdrawer?

    yes and the program that does it is LMT and you just touch the edge and it pops up. it can appear on one side of the screen, on both sides, on both sides and bottom or just bottom. here's the link http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1330150 it was originally developed for gnex4 but it works on many other devices. i am using it for instance and it works flawlessly
  4. apometru

    stock rooted ics.... transparent appdrawer?

    simple YOU MUST BE ROOTED IN ORDER FOR IT TO WORK and I DO NOT TAKE RESPONSABILITY IN CASE YOU F*** UP YOUR PHONE:))) first i have to say i really love android commander:)))) i wanted more screen space so i extracted build.prop from the phone with it and modified the pixel density to 265 then added the new buil.prop over the old one in the phone. nothing looks funny, every app just works fine, the market has no issues at all. (this is not necessary unless you want it like this; you can skip this) then i installed fullscreentoggle and LMTv1.9 from xda (just put it in the sd-card) and installed those as normal apps. opened LMT and checked for it to autostart and started the service. open fullscreentoggle and push the button "disable navbar". wait for superuser, accept and push button again. then do a reboot. and everything looks as attached (these are screenshots from my phone) p.s. you must extract the launcher2.apk from you're phone and modify 3 images (just erase the pixels from those png images in photoshop) in order for the launcher to look fine. otherwise the launcher will have that bottom shadow look funny. to do this open android commander, navigate to system/app/ extract launcher2.apk, open launcher2.apk with 7zip and navigate to res/drawable-xhdpi and extract the bg_homescreen.png; bg_cling4; bg_cling3; bg_cling2 and bg_cling1. modify them in photoshop (just use eraser) and then put them back to res/drawer-xhdpi by drag and drop in 7zip. then use android commander to paste it over the initial launcher and you're done
  5. apometru

    stock rooted ics.... transparent appdrawer?

    :)))) so... because of locked bootloader... no deodexed... so no transparency:( at least i managed to hide the navbar (softkeys), install LMT and now i have a full 720p screen :) edit: vache thanks for the answer
  6. so.... the ideea is i decompiled the launcher2.apk and i need to know what xml file i have to modify to make my appdrawer transparent. does anyone know? i know the html color codes but i don't know in which xml to modify or if i have to change something else p.s. vache if you could help i'd be grateful. i saw you changed the appdrawer to be transparent for the jellybean rom you made.
  7. apometru

    Update for S500 ORGROD

    eu l-am pus singurul lucru diferit mi se pare ca e mai... rapid?!? dar poate e doar efectul:))) i installed it... it seems a bit faster but maybe that's just the placepo effect:)))))
  8. apometru

    Update for S500 ORGROD

    i don't know where you read that but it doesn't help i have the same problems some wi-fi networks work some don't
  9. apometru

    Update for S500 ORGROD

    i know you are romanian but it's an international forum as someone pointed me out. dude try the stock firmware from vache (stock firmware thread) and install the orgrod version but beware it f**s you're wifi and you have to put the wifi driver (wifi issues thread). then try to update. i installed that from vache and enabled wifi but because i deleted stock apps i had to reflash and enable driver again, applied the update and it worked (you have to unroot the phone for the update to work)
  10. apometru

    Update for S500 ORGROD

    are you sure you're version of android is orgrod? and you did not delete any stock firmware (you said that it's not but perhaps you rooted it deleted something and unrooted)? try go into recovery and do a hard reset then try again
  11. apometru

    Update for S500 ORGROD

    so has anyone found out the change log?
  12. apometru

    Update for S500 ORGROD

    daca aveti alea aplicatiile stock sterse de la org nu va merge:)) am reflashuit stock orgrod si a mers.
  13. apometru

    Update for S500 ORGROD

    can i update it even if i deleted some stock orange apps (and i unrooted it of course)?
  14. apometru

    Should I buy this phone?

    ok... let's start with pro's: - gourgeous display: best px density on 720p devices, most natural colours of all because they are less saturated, the contrast is very good, black level is mid-range, the display could have been brighter but has no colour tint so that is very good (that means it's not blueish or other colours when you look straight at it) -the processor and memory: performance is very good fot this price, however due to the os (ICS) it has some lagg (but very rare) -shape: i think the design is different from what motorola, samsung, or sony has right now, it is very slim and you can easily manipulate it with one hand -nice materials con's: - it comes with ice cream sandwich if you buy it from romania (otherwise you have official jelly released for fr and other countries) - assembly quality (not build quality wich is actually very good because it has good hardware and materials): don't get me wrong everything is good except the backpanel that doesn't fit into place perfectly anymore if you open it too often - battery: it's not bad but it could have been better (i use it not very much during one day but i have to charge it every day) It's not a con but pay attention: if you are... unlucky you could get one that has problems with display (dead pixels) or one that reboots by itself. I like it eventhough i had problems with it but that's because i got faulty ones from the start. Now this one works like a charm (and vache helped me a lot with wifi drivers when i bricked it and reflashed to the stock orgrod firmware). So it's up to you :) good luck
  15. apometru


    as the title says: is it possible to have transparent statusbar and navbar (softkeys background)? just asking. and if it is, could anyone do it or post what must be done (so i could at least try)?

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