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  1. Is there any way someone can make 220mb system for vivacity, cause 200mb isnt enough for RootBox, ROM im trying to flash.
  2. nzmnisam

    TPT for SF2

    Im looking to flash rootBOX ROM, but 200mb system is not enough (vivacity) so can u please make 220mb system for vivacity. :)
  3. Overall its fantastic rom, and it has working flash!!!!!!!!!!!!(i dont know how the fck is that possible on cm7 for our crescents but it realy works!!!!!) Onley flaw is that it has a little chinese interface, as u can see (u can esaly get used to it), but besides that this rom is freekin awesome. Its wery smooth and interface of it is awesome (transparency rules), and its based on cm7 so all in one pacage ;). U need to flash (afther rom) gapps and kernel (for vivacity) from the cm7 thread and u are good to go ;)
  4. I found language solution and its called costume locale,an app from Google play ;) It doesnt work
  5. Story for my stupidity, but it seams that link is broken. It says that its private file andi can't access it :( pls help, I want this theme so bad!! :)
  6. Fix the language patch god damn it ;), I really want to try this ROM, but I also want to remove language barrier. And, do we need to flash any gapps like for cm7 and touch kernel in cm7 thread or oc kernel (vivacity) . :D
  7. I think that Swedish Snow is good rom for u ;) (based on 2.3.5)
  8. U are probably right, cause almost everyone moved from armv6 when there are much more better phones :(
  9. Diferent look and feel I think ^_^

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