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  1. if you already have some rom(or you have recovery and root) installed on your zte skate you just download the two files that are on the first page of this thread and flash it in the recovery and if you don't have recovery or root you must firstly install that and tutorials you can find on youtube... :D
  2. you can try swype beta keyboard... tilal said that update is comming... so you can do whatever you want to... but i think that cfx3 is better then cfx2... :D
  3. I fixed it... just try with reflashing rom it worked for me... :D
  4. My bluetooth doesn't working... I am not visivle to other devices and on mu zte skate says that i am visible any help?
  5. You're welcome :D Does anyone know if mostwanted work on zte skate? xD thx
  6. 1. If you are on the Stock Factory ROM , make sure you have your battery like 75% and up 2. Head to the Play Store , search for "TPT Helper" and download it 3. Once finished , open the app from the App Drawer 4. Accept all prompts and disclaimers 5. Tap All-in-One menu and download the package "Skate v2a" 6. Make sure you have are connected to an nearby WiFi Hotspot , if you are the download process will continue if you won't the download will fail 7. Let the TPT Helper do all the job and then turn off the phone 8. Press (Volume + , Menu and POWER keys together) 9. The " T-Flash Card Updater " will appeear at this tap let the upgrade continue and then the phone will reboot 10. VOILA! You have now installed the Clockworkmod (Unofficial Modaco Edition) , at this time you can install any Custom ROM or the Stock one that im providing in this topic i know for this one but it won't work for me but still you can try ;)
  7. tpt helper doesn't work on my zte skate
  8. I had that problem on cfx2 and i just reflashed the rom in recovery and it started to work...
  9. i think that tilal won't post updates for cfx2 any more i recommend you to update your device to cfx3 cfx3 is better then cfx2 if you ask me :D
  10. not really just bluetooth doesn't switch off properly you have to turn it off and reboot device but that is not some big problem i belive that in the next update it will be fixed cfx3 is great rom if you ask me :D
  11. try this http://www.4shared.com/android/QV02iPBH/CM101_CM9_TouchWiz_50_theme_v3.html this one works great for me
  12. is there some way to put samsung galaxy s3 ui on zte skate?

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