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  1. 6thElement

    CLOSE programs

    I use a util called vbar, can't remember where I downloaded it from but google should be able to help.
  2. Yep no problems browsing the web via GPRS, don't use it for email though.
  3. 6thElement

    MDA compact no-go with car charger.

    The light doesn't always change on my S100 to signify charging but if I check on the power meter it says charging.
  4. I'm not receiving MMS's from other people even if they're on Orange (same as me) but if I send an MMS to myself I receive it. My phone has the keylock turned on, as with an incoming SMS the phone screen comes on when someone sends an MMS but the phone doesn't download it. It doesn't seem to make a difference if I unlock my phone beforehand either :/ The folders in ./My Documents/UAContents appear to be a part of MMS. MMS Log MMS UA Templates The files I found in MMS UA appear to be related to the MMS messages I'm not receiving as the date/time stamps matches...ie the phone is receiving something but then not displaying it. Qtek S100 running the 1.12 ROM (MMS ver Anyone else?
  5. Does it only show on the boot screen? On my Qtek S100 there was a white pixel showing in the middle of the boot image. Once I upgraded to the current latest firmware it's back to normal.
  6. 6thElement

    Ebuyer wifi card

    I've got my Safecom card now from Ebuyer and it's working fine with my Netgear router using WPA-PSK :)
  7. 6thElement

    Keylock M500

    Does the same on my Qtek S100, running the latest ROM.
  8. I'm not sure if it will support a Line2 ?
  9. 6thElement

    London A to Z maps

    You could either use something like TomTom Navigator or Memory Map.
  10. 6thElement

    Ebuyer wifi card

    I've still not bought one, do they support WPA-PSK?
  11. 6thElement

    M500 on Orange UK website

    Slightly optimistic on the standy time surely, unless it really is changed from the Qtek/I-Mate etc?
  12. Although it came from HK I didn't have any issues having one delivered to the UK: http://shop.brando.com.hk/screenprotector.php
  13. Anyone tried one of these? http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/in...oduct_uid=89714
  14. 6thElement

    GPS questions

    Memory Map uses OS maps and it's absolutely superb. Should do everything you want it to. I use my Qtek S100 and Fortuna Bluetooth GPS in an Aquapac and it's a great piece of kit ;)

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