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  1. thanks h3ros followed your instructions to the letter everything is super fast and lots of cache space now. was using Jelly Bean and it took a lot of space!!! great ROM now to install wifi backup data..... will keep you posted thanks again
  2. went back to my old rom will try to flash again. one question though; how do i keep the kernel the same and what is the procedure? thanks for the reply. h3blues was great!!
  3. just installed the rom but i get wifi error it scans but no result any advice? thanks
  4. where is the download url for the public version of this ROM? I can live without bluetooth thanks
  5. On the subject of camera,is it with a JB features and icons? Or the standard Gingerbread camera? Thanks
  6. eagerly awaiting..... just want a working flash annd camera with JB Ui, Thanks for the upcoming update
  7. still no PIE after all that thanks anyway will try to reinstall rom
  8. How do I get PIE? No such control selestion in the menu even after expanded desktop and reboot The AGPS patch works on a good day. Very erratic and only 50% chance of acquiring location. Is GPS a software problem?Do I need to rewrite the lib files? Any help? Thanks
  9. How do you uninstall gapps? File explorer does not help. Could you uninstall it without third party apps? Thanks
  10. Will try to get the app although I'm not on google play Is it a ROM problem? Thanks for the reply
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