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  1. OK, thx, I dont use net calls and Wi-fi tethering is not a priority for me :) I'll try, thx :)
  2. Hi, is 20140602 for daily use or is there any known bug or similar? If not, which one is best for use? I used 20140409 but it seems lagy last times ..
  3. The same with me, couldn't take any call .. Then I installed 20140510 and everything is working but 20140511 was running on new kernel so I hope this will be fixed ASAP
  4. S4crifice


    Sure it is, Alarm extreme free ... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alarmclock.xtreme.free
  5. S4crifice


    Well, about the smooth ... I just think that every 100% new installation is smooth (except Baidu :D) - you can talk about smoothness in 5-7 days ... But its good to know that it seems fast in future ;)
  6. S4crifice


    So it's good to know that 4.4 is in development and we will see how far it would get ..
  7. S4crifice


    http://android.thebronasium.com/beepbeep/ Well? Is it 4.4? In another folder, there is 4.4 GAPPS, so ... any hero to test it? :)
  8. S4crifice

    Huawei u8815 Pink screen

    Please, I get through the pink screen but then when recovery starts and the pink tab gets loading it stucks on about 30% of installing and then nothing happens ... I tried to try another stock ROM but it is the same ... any idea what am I doing wrong?
  9. --solved-- delete it please :)
  10. Hi, I want to ask you: - battery life - better/worse than CM9 - stable? - smoothness - better/worse than CM9? Thx :)
  11. No one says that Alpha couldn't be smooth or stable .. but thx ;)
  12. Hi, - is it stable? - what about battery life? - smoothness? Did anyone tried? I like PAC 4.2.2 because of stable and smooth but battery life is terrible ... the same with CM 10.1 ...
  13. Yes, but tap in notification drawer the blue button and there it goes again ;)
  14. Yes, that disable the floating button on screen but is somehow possible to disable it at all mean remove it from notification drawer? the "message with circle" icon?
  15. Hi, my few questions: - PAC vs CM 10.1 battery life. I came from Slim ICS to CM but lost during night 10% (no lost with Slim) with flying mode .. Does this ROM have better battery life? - what about automatic backlight? does it work properly? I think on CM 10.1 it is not perfect ... - speed? Thx.

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