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  1. I followed these steps and was able to successfully root my x900,as i dont have access to HDMI-in TV,i was using VMserver.before rooting i was able to see my screen on laptop via VMserver,but after rooting,on connecting all i get is a black screen.I tried unlocking the screen blindly on vmserver and it worked.Can anyone guide me here?
  2. Hi kabir,i installed this,but on opening,i am getting error "11/30/13 19:01:54.437 INFO : Phone Flash Tool V 3.1.4-0 (build on Mon Nov 26 16:12:18 RST 2012) 11/30/13 19:01:54.437 INFO : Using xFSTK version: 1.3.3 11/30/13 19:01:54.457 INFO : Total size of downloaded flash files: 0.00 bytes 11/30/13 19:01:56.658 WARNING: Cannot load the remote servers from the remote xml config file, please check the file url in the option panel "
  3. Actually i did that earlier,but this wonderful forum and its members saved me.
  4. Hi friends,i want to know if it possible to root x900 after the 58 mb update.i have tried going through other post,but they mention only the 37 mb update.need ur help with this.i want to get the sd card slot working.
  5. GTA 3 v1.3 works on non rooted X900..not sure about new releases,as it shows app incompatible message on play store.
  6. Well easiest method is to download the ICS update from xolo site,apply it (settings->system updates->update from USB storage).Place the update.zip file in root directory..then use the AIO tool for Xolo(LINK:http://www.modaco.com/topic/358489-toolaio-tool-for-san-diego-and-xolo/) to root.You will not lose ur installed applications or settings..I can confirm it because i did the same thing..Hope this helps..
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