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  1. Hello, I did send request mounth ago, and repeted it two weeks ago, but still there is no response from huawei. I even send e-mail to huawei, and asked them about unlock code, but no response, at all.
  2. Frined of mine have huawei g300, and phone burned 2 sd cards allredy. First was cheep sd card, and after that he bought Kinsgston to be shure, but it burned also. So problem is in the phone. I have huawei g300 to and never had souch problems.
  3. Hello, I did flash rom, again without useing any backup app. I still do have some problems with SMS, i can receive sms, but sometimes it takes hours or days to receive sms, also sometimes i cannot send sms in first try, or no signal on phone. Usualiy reboot helps, sim pin is not allways accepted, after enterying sim pin phone asks again sim pin, and doesn't count it as wrong pin. I do think that this bug is specific for combination of this ROM, my G300, and my carrier Tele2 in Croatia. On Lightening Rom, everything works perfectly, so it is not hardware. EDIT: Same here, i think it is the same bug that couses me truble with sms, please repport, does the patch works.
  4. I m going to try it right now, and report back to this post in fiew days becouse, sms did work, and even after gobackup restore. Thank you kyan31 :)
  5. Yes ofcource that i m responsible for everything i do on my cell phone and i don't blame anybody, just shareing my experience, maybe it helps to improve ROM, or somebody here on forum knows what is couse of this. The SMS bug happends again, Here is what i did do. Flashed rom, everything works. Installed Go Backup pro 3.2 still sms works Restore my backed up apps, sms-s and contact. stil everything works. (did not restore any settings) Also did some customization in settings, like grid size on homescreen and so. everything works .... Fiew hours leater Used facebook messages, wifi, and camera fx app, tryed original camera app, tryed recording and playing video with "MX player" Tryed to send sms, sms sends ok, and called person that i send sms she did received it and responded to it, but i didn't receive response. Also i was bearly understood what she is talking becouse sound quality. Tryed even delete all mesages, but dosn't help. I do keep old messages so i can check when and what did i send somebody, this is usefull for me currently i have abotu 970 text messages. After fiew trys to receive sms, i did give up and flashed lightening back. Sound qulity in call is better i can understand what person is talking and eveything works. I will reflash it thoumorow and try install all apps from google play, not useing restore. Question is m' I only one with this problem. If Yes, it is possible that some app couseing it, i will check app by app when (it will take some time), and report back witch one is. How ever, i do love your work kyan31 :) Ligtening is the best ROM i ever tryed, and this one have potential to be even better :)
  6. Ohhh no i cannot receive SMS-s and i didn't notice it untill now, i did actualy lose money becouse of it :( Sorry Kyan, i dont blame you, but this bug makes my phone unusabe, becouse main functionality of mobile phone is to call or receive calls, and send, receive SMS-s. And SMS-s dosn't work at all or i can't receive it i don't know. And sound quality is not realy good, when i talk to someone i just keep saying "What... What ?... " (it is cyanogenmod bug i think) I do like this rom, but it makes my phone unusable. How ever i will folow this topic and when somebody confirms that SMS bug and sound quality is fixed i will come back. Reflashed rom, and now sms works, i don't know what coused it to not work, flashing ROM again fixed it.
  7. Hello! I installed this ROM yesterday, and here is my feedback :). I m realy happy with this ROM because MSCHAPv2 authentication finaly works after looong time, this thing doesn't work since honycomb or gingerbread I m not shure. Electra is great rom, after flashing performace patch, before i did that it was almost unusable. Also i did get fiew random reboots, first at the time i disconnected usb cable from laptop (mass storage mode), and second while listening music useing winamp app. Not shure what coused reboots, but after rebooted phone youst countinue working like nothing happend, it doesn't even ask for sim pin. Hope this will not happen any more. Video recording dosn't work at all, not even after patch. Other than that i like it, and i think i will use it for looong time :)
  8. Hello, I m useing this rom for a week now (R4 with first patch), i do love it and it is fastest rom i ever tryied. But i find it little unstable. - Phone randomly reboots onece or twice a day, sometimes i don't even notice it, and people can't call me. - Apollo simply sudonly donesn't find any music on phone, even if i open it with filie manager it opens in apollo but dosn't play. - Apps crashes a loot, like Facebook, Touchpal, File Manager (from google play), and will not open, forceing close background app, and deleteing app data helps. I didn't have this problems at firs, i don't know what changed, becouse i didn't install or update any apps. I will try to re-flash rom, once more, and report back what happends. Maybe problem is in my phone. :S
  9. k0va

    Screen capture

    Power Button + volume Down button :) :)
  10. Hmm... there is built in screenshot key combination i know it ... Once i was clicking some buttons by accident while doing something else and i heard camera sound. I did go to pictures and there was a screenshot of my phone... I did try to repet key combination but unsucessfuly. When i find the what triggers screenshot i will report it here :) Power button + volume down button :) :)
  11. I m not shure did it came with those apps or not, becouse i did delete all apps i don't need. I just tryed to install All Backup and it works fine, I was able to restore some of my old old apps that i backed up long time ago. How ever i wasn't able to restore AppInstaller. I never used that AppInstaller aplication i m not shure what i would do with it. I install all aplication from file manager. Only thing you have to do is tick in settings option to allow install from unknown source. You can even restore apps that you backed up that way. Touch pal and lots of other apps are allredy installed so maybe you won't need AppInstaller. Read second post from link that i posted to you, there is described way how to remove huaweitoggles and add power toggles :)
  12. Hello, I have bad experiences with service shops, they cheeted me far to many times, and i m tired of search for honest one. In my conuntry is like that, so i repair everything my self. With parts from e-bay or local ads. All you need to be servicer today is internet and little bit of skil with tools. About power toggles, have them on stock+ rom http://www.modaco.co...1-updated-2911/, it requires CWM to remove original toggles. Maybe it is possible to remove Huawei toggles manualy and youst install power toggles from google play. If you don't have toggles at all youst install power toggles, https://play.google....com.painless.pc All backup is not the best backup tool, you should think about anoder tools to like GO backup or similar. I was suprised when i flashed my first rom, all backup simply didn't work, i could not install it. So i figured that it doesn't work on all roms, wich was enough reason for me to find some other tool,
  13. Hello, Is there any specific reason why you don't want to instal CWM ? I have tryed lots of roms till now, and everything works only on stock roms (except wifi second phase authetication witch does works only on GB ). So now i m useing Stock+ rom based ond B952. CyanogenMod is great i think it is a loot faster then stock roms, but it is far away from stable, to much things i need doesn't work yet. You can use some apps for deleteing Vodafone apps like NoBloat but you need to root phone for that. I heared before that people have problems with downloading ROM's from Huawei site, maybe file is demaged in transfer, if not i don't know what could be wrong. ;( About your old g300 would this fix it ? http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=p5197.m570.l1313&_nkw=huawei+g300+glass&_sacat=0&_from=R40
  14. Never tryed that but it should be possible, of course if you want to return phone you have to use original stock rom, and i think it sould be same one wich you get with phone, or rom that is offical update. I think you don't need to get back to GB, you can flash ICS as well, as long as that is offical rom for your phone and operator. It is recomanded to backup your imei as precaution before you do anything especially if you downgradeing grom ICS to GB besouce BB is different.
  15. Hello, I m trying to find something about stock roms before i flash it but.... Can somebody who tryed the roms say what is difference between B934 B944 and B952; What is changed, and is thare any major errors, like gps, bluetooth, wifi, 3g, touchscreen not working, unstable. Also i want to know, can i downgrade B952 to B934 or so, and can i root B952 ? I have B935 rom witch i downloaded useing offical update, before rooting my phone, it is stored in HwOUC folder on sd card i backed up it on PC, can i simply flash this firmware back ? Thank you in advance :)

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