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  1. On the kernel side, the most advanced "open source" kernel for i8000 can be found here: https://github.com/ipaq3870/o2droid (see under kern_2.6.32) And a topic here about it: NB: the original author has disappeared for a while... :-( And a nice ROM that is working: http://o2droid.phj.hu/index_en.php And: http://code.google.com/p/omnia2droid/ Give us some news!
  2. Hi, there were no errors on the log. Anyway, I recompiled the kernel with "friendly arm 4.4.3" and it's now working perfectly ! I guess there's something incompatible with "arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc 4.6.3" but I really don't see what... (no specific error, and I was able to compile and boot the previous kern_oII (2.6.31 based) very well, so it is quite weird...). Right now I am doing some experiments with raspbian on Omnia II :-) , so I cannot tell you yet if radio is working for me with the recompiled kernel. But I will try the next fex days and tell you.
  3. Hi, I tried to disable kexec but it didn't change anything... I am using arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc 4.6.3, maybe there's something to do with that. I will give friendly arm 4.4.3 a try to tell you if there's something new. The kernel size is around 2.7MB whih is a few bytes less than ipaq's kernel... So I don't think size is a problem here... When I compiled the kernel in verbose mode, I noticed this in the link phase : arm-linux-gnueabi-ld -EL --defsym zreladdr=0x50008000 --defsym params_phys=0x50000100 Could it be an issue because haret ramaddr parameter is 0x50000000 (I tried 0x50008000 but there's no change - I also tried to force zreladdr to 0x50000000 but still no changes)...?
  4. Hi everyone. Has anyone suceed in recompiling the kernel from source ? I tried with ipaq's sources, the compilation works but the kernel does not boot. It remains on haret displaying "jumping to kernel"... Sources are here : https://github.com/ipaq3870/o2droid I used the default configuration script provided for omnia II on kernel 2.6.32 When I use the compiled kernel provided in the initial post, it works. So my haret's configuration should be OK. When I compile the old kernel_oII, it works, so my cross compilation should be ok... So what's wrong ? Does anyone have a clue ?
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