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  1. Subject: URGENT Request Bootloader Unlock Code. Dear Sir/Madam Please may I request the bootloader unlock code for my Huawei Ascend G300? Here are some Details: Serial Number: (Found under the battery) (it is abbreviated to S/N) IMEI: (Found with the Serial number under the battery) MAC: (Found with the serial number under the battery) Baseband: 2030 Please could you send me the code directly, as I cannot access the product ID on my device. Thank You (Your Name)
  2. I officially unlocked bootloader on two G300s and since I did it I have no problem with signal and I have no missed calls etc. I asked Huawei for the unlock code by email and they replied me after next day. I recommend tu unlock bootloader officially to people having problems with signal and unreachable phone etc. !!!
  3. I unlocked officially the bootloader by this great tutorial and since I did it my phone works perfect !!! There is no signal problem or unreachable phone .. missed calls etc. - all is working very fine, thank you it helpes me to solve the problem :) (I´m on 23.1.2014 nigthly build CM11)
  4. I wonder what kind of work do people like you, could you tell me your job please ????
  5. When people from my contact list call me - I can see only the phone number - not name with picture. Next time (after few minutes) it is OK. The same problem appear in previous CM 10.1 too :( anyone with the same lag problem ?
  6. I hate the new dialer - is there any like the old one on the play store ? thank you ..
  7. It is Ok now - I had to put the ZIP to internal storage and updata manually in CWM ...
  8. I try to install todays nightly build 2.1.2014 and in CWM it ask me "do you want to install untrusted file ?" is that OK and may I click to YES ? thank you
  9. sometimes people cant call me and sometimes I cant make a call and if I try it one more time after few seconds it works, strange :(
  10. Once I install GAPPS do I have to install newer gapps in CWM when it is available ?
  11. I have CM 10.1 installed and want to upgrade to CM11. Do I have to wipe something, format etc. ?? thanks
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