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  1. Have just read on another forum that HTCImei now appear to have some codes too. May be worth checking them first as they're the cheaper of the two.
  2. However I'm posting the site its saying SPAM link removed..... hmm. It's "mobile" "unlock" (...uk) if anyone wants to give it a go.
  3. I've just been sent mine from http://www.unlocking SPAM link removed.co.uk/HTC/HD7/ Ordered last Thursday (when the phone arrived - ordered from 02.co.uk) but got an email saying not available and an 'agent' would get back to me. Heard back a while later saying they couldn't get the key but they would continue to check the IMEI every day until available and email me either way each day. Alternatively I could of had a refund but chose to leave it and see. Had an email everyday since and finally got my code today! Would assume that means every other DB will be updated but not sure how it works plus it depends on when yours was manufactured. My handset only came last week but god only knows how long it was sat at the o2 warehouse.
  4. But that then begs the question; "why did all the reviewers make comments about the steroe speakers"? Surely they would have checked it first. Not too bothered by them but they are really poor and quiet, use headphones most the time but just expected a little more from it :)
  5. After receiving my HD7 (which I'm very impressed with!) I was a bit disappointed to find the sound to be pretty poor coming out of the back speaker. Hit google to find out how to utilise the "Stereo Speakers", that pretty much every review I've read has mentioned, and came across a few posts saying they are not actually speakers and are only there as part of the design! Does anybody know whether this is actually true or not or is everything still heresay for now?
  6. Well I've just orded the HD7 from O2. I think, had the Omnia been available Sim-Free, I would have gone for that instead of the HD7 but will see how I feel once I get my hands on the HD7. Just hope I'm going to be impressed :P
  7. That works for me. Need to make sure I can pick it up in a shop now though as I really don't want the hassle of messing around with posting things. If I do pick it up from a store quite a way away, does it need to be returned back to that store should I decide not to keep it or can you take it back to any o2 store?
  8. Now that's what I didn't want to hear :P I'm going to be picking one up on Thursday and hoping to use my Tmob contract with it. If I can't get it unlocked how easy is it to return the phone? Will they take it back no questions asked or am I screwed?
  9. How do you find the screen sizes differ, i.e. how much of a difference does that .3" make? Tempted by the Omnia still and have until Thursday to make my decision (that's when I get paid!) but have yet to see the Omnia Sim Free anywhere and no longer need a contract.
  10. I've decided to do the same thing and gone with the HD7. Just called Tmob to cancel my contract and they've offered me a cracking deal. 24 Month Contract for £5 a month which gives 300 xmins, unlimited texts & unlimited net! Found it hard to say no! Just need to get my HD7 and unlock it now. Roll on Thursday (payday!)
  11. I am kind of swaying more to the Omnia but not sure I like the idea of a 2 year contract. If I buy the sim free HD7 then I can upgrade whenever I want as I won't have any contractual agreements to worry about. I don't think the Omnia is being sold sim free is it? Also, any comparisons on the screen sizes anywhere? Just how much of a difference does the 0.3" make? I've seen pictures side by side and it looks considerable smaller though would like to get an idea of an above shot (i.e. sketch of the screen size placed on top of another). This is where I wish I were better at Art! lol
  12. This is kinda where I was heading though seeing the Poll results so far has put another wrench in the works! Five people have said Omnia 7 for sure as opposed to 1 for the HD7! 3 undecided too so kinda glad it's not only me. Would be interested to hear the feedback from those who have opted for the Omnia over the HD.
  13. I'm having a right dilemma over which device to get. It's between the Omnia and the HD7. I really like the sound of the SAMOLED screen and I suppose that's the only tipping point for me. I've had the original HD and more recently the Hero and Milestone so am tempted to go back to HTC for one special reason; ROMS. I suppose it's only a matter of time until somebody gets Custom ROMS running on WP7 and I know the HD7 will probably be at the forefront of them on XDAs. The Samsung though will probably be left behind or with far fewer to choose from. Why am I posting on here you're probably wondering? Because I'm looking for somebody to say "yeah, go with the HD7! The screen isn't ALL that different" lol. So is anybody else having a similiar indecision? I'm currently with Tmob due for upgrade on 24 Oct though was thinking of canceling, buying the HD7 sim free and using a giffgaff sim @ £10ppm. Don't have to agree to any ridiculous 2 year contracts then (which by the way - when the hell did that happen!) compared to the 12 month one I'm almost finishing. Thoughts?
  14. Just read on Coolsmartphone that this is actually now up and online ready for ordering on T-Mobs UK site; http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/shop/pay-monthly/samsung-omnia-7/ So very tempted!
  15. Hi Paul, I'd be interested in hearing how it integrates with other email providers such as Google. I have a Live Account which I use for Xbox Live buy my hotmail account is full of spam and I never touch it, can you see a means to integrate an email provider of your choice (in my case Google/Gmail) or does it force your hotmail account emails through? K
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