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  1. The download is also available at www.qtek.se/www.myqtek.com but is not listed anywhere on the site. Users with devices from Brightpoint can download the ROM update here. NOTE! You must first log in (MYQTEK) and the manually enter/paste the link above in the browser. The registration requires an IMEI from a device sold by Brightpoint. I guess this ROM will be listed on the update page later.
  2. A new ROM has been released at www.qtek.fi. See this thread for more info: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=299453
  3. The Windows Mobile version is the same as in the original HTC ROM (AKU 2.3). I was hoping for AKU 3 since it took so long to release this update (compared to the Dopod and i-mate versions). Maybe in the next update...
  4. Yes, mine did this after turning it off and on for the first time. But that has been the only time so far during the 2 weeks I have had it.
  5. I have noticed this on my phone too, so I guess it's not just your phone.
  6. Apparently it's downloadable for Windows CE 5 platform builders. I guess there will be an AKU update for Windows Mobile 5 with CF2 included. This blog says .NET Compact Framework 2 is around 2 MB compared to version 1's 1.5 MB: http://blogs.msdn.com/mikehall/archive/200.../28/486358.aspx
  7. Here are some more updates in the new ROM: * .NET Compact Framework 1.0 Service Pack 3 * The HTC applications (Camera, Caller ID, File Manager etc.) have been updated Also see this thread.
  8. No it does not support Greek. OS languages supported: US English, UK English, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Portuguese, Czech, Hungarian T9 languages supported: English, Czech, Hungarian, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Finnish
  9. According to Qtek's minimal information the update includes: * AKU 2.6 (sort of a service pack for the OS) * Support for Telia's *140# service * GSM radio When using Swedish settings, the word for "Configurations" in the Start menu has been translated to a word thats not in Swedish! :shock: Here's more updates: * Windows Media Player 10 Mobile * .NET Compact Framework 1.0 Service Pack 3 * All HTC (Caller ID, Camera, FileManager etc.) applications and the MMS application has been updated. I've also noticed that when using a profile with vibrating on a new icon is displayed that looks like a vibrating Pocket PC. The speaker with the cross is no logner displayed when using the silent profile. I wonder if this is meant to be this way since the latest emulators of Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition and Windows Mobile 5.0 does not behave like this. For those interested, here are the version numbers: ROM version: Operator: OS: 4.21.1088 (Build 15045.2.6.0) Radio: 1337.0.42_0.03.28 Manufacturer: Microsoft: 4.21.15045.0 Language: File System: 4.21.15045.0
  10. Information about the new Qtek 8100 is now available on the Swedish Qtek web site. It looks like the phone is based on the HTC Amadeus phone. See this page for more information in Swedish. The specifications page is in English.
  11. Here's a short list of reasons to upgrade to Windows Media Player 10 Mobile: * Better support for playlists * Support for a library (the simple list in WMP9 is useless for albums) * Support for better syncing in Windows Media Player 10 (on Windows XP) * Support for Windows XP Media Center * Support for album art images * Support for skins * Support for PhotoStory 3 (WMP9 only does PhotoStory 2) * Support for MP3 ring tones in the OS (yes, finally!) * Support for other codecs provided by the manufacturer (could be MPEG-4 etc)
  12. The version number in some files for .NET Compact Framework indicates that this update includes .NET Compact Framework 1.0 Service Pack 3. This might be interesting for developers to know.
  13. I guess you are talking about version 9, right? I noticed that it displays the files in the order found on the card. So if I copy files one by one in the order I prefer the list is ok. This problem is one of the reasons why I am waiting for an upgrade to version 10.
  14. A comparison with Pocket PC: An old Compaq iPAQ H36xx at work has dust, but several iPAQ H39xx have none. I believe that HTC has manufactured both models, so they should have some experience in the dust problem... My Qtek 8010 has some dust... :-(
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