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  1. not so visible here.. The rounded corners are native to MIUI roms.. Look at the 4 corners of the main app
  2. Haven't tested any of this yet. A flashable zip would be helpful to everyone. Edit: I just noticed the zip is already here! Wow that was fast.
  3. easiest way is to put your ringtone file to sdcard/media... then restart, wait for the sd check to finish then it's there in the tones list
  4. This is not a place for English proficiency discussion, so stop mentioning it. Besides we all totally get what the post is saying so why bother correcting? By the way, I too am using CM10. I used CM10.1 before but I had to downgrade because S2E is not yet fully supported (my phone won't allow me to move data/data to sd-ext). The bugs/issues that we experience are not really universal. Especially because Blades have a lot of variants. The best way to know for sure which is the best Rom for you is to try it yourself.
  5. I think app data is ok to move to sd-ext, as long as the sd card you're using is high speed
  6. what format is your video? In my case only 3gp and mp4 formats work. xvid and x264 are working fine
  7. can u pls port MIUI to KonstaT's CM10.1 too? :)

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