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  1. sorry for the very late reply too, but i've given up on this a long time ago. i did install both sets of drivers and it still didn't work. but the last time i tried a message popped up saying that one file is missing, i forgot which one. it was one of the drivers and i looked for it online and every single download site asked for a sign up and i just hate sign ups, so i gave up on it :) anyway, thanks for the effort, but i guess i'll just have to hang on until my next phone
  2. hi there. i tried to root my y300 using this method but somehow i just can't unlock the bootloader. i follow the instructions, install everything, even got the bootloader code, but when i run check_bootloader.bat all i get is Found the following devices: ...nothing. or when i run unlock_bootloader i get "waiting for device" any idea what am i doing wrong here? my version is B171, if that means anything thx in advance
  3. Linkest

    r1: Superboot - how to root the HTC Desire C

    I'm getting a SuperSU error: There is no SU binary installed and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem! any suggestions on how to fix it?
  4. Linkest

    r1: Superboot - how to root the HTC Desire C

    Hi Paul, I just got my first Android phone Desire C ICS 4.0.3 few days ago (which makes me a complete newb in this), and right away people started talking about rooting, flashing, ROMs and stuff i never gave much thought about, so i started googling all those things. Basically that's all I've been doing these past few days. And I got to a point where I decided it's not a bad idea to root my phone. So I did it, with your Superboot (thanx for that btw, it took me only 5min). The thing that made me go for it was that unlike many other users who want to store apps on the SD card, I want to store files on the internal memory (don't ask why, I just need to :) ). Few sites that i visited suggested that rooting is the only way (maybe I'm wrong, and if that's the case, please correct me), so i gave it a shot. Now I have a SuperSU in my main menu, my phone is a lot faster than it was when i got it, but I still can't store files in internal memory, unless the come from the camera or other apps. What am I doing wrong, IS my phone rooted or I just don't know where to go from here? And in which folder am I supposed to store the files in my phone? Thanks

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