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  1. Mircerson

    Acer CloudMobile S500 Screen/Parts

    Himax HX8392-A display.
  2. Mircerson

    Acer CloudMobile S500 Screen/Parts

    Seems like you can't get a new screen. If u broke it , then.. its death.
  3. The EMEA_ORGROD and EMEA_MOBISTAR are not BRANDED devices. They are COUNTRY REGION. As for the Romania , Acer CM S500 only comes with EMEAORGROD and for belgium is only EMEA_MObiSTAR. Does not matter if u buy it free of contract.
  4. I... just broked my screen glass and the digitizer.. can't do to much with it.. has any one got a source of parts for this device?
  5. Mircerson

    Unlocking the phone from the current carrier?

    I posted this thread on 23 dec ;o
  6. Mircerson

    Forum limba romana / Romanian forum

    Hai ca m-ai spart. 50 de euro pe viata a fost... vorbeam pe un an. Si cred ca stiu cu cine am de a face. Lasa batmanismele in spatele monitorului , mai ales ca nu te implici cu nimic in developing ci doar copy paste de pe un forum pe altul. Daca deblochezi bootloaderul , atunci probabil sa vi sa faci tam tam.
  7. Mircerson

    Forum limba romana / Romanian forum

    Totusi tu esti prost? Fa-l ba nene .ro nu .net
  8. Don't flash it. It will brick your device.
  9. Go settings > About phone > make at screen at Image Version
  10. Mircerson

    [ROM] Cirrus ROM v1.0.5b [04/02/2013]

    Where are you from and where did you bought the phone?
  11. Yooo , if you can get it lemme your twitter or a skype adress on PM please :P . This would be intersting to get the jelly bean for the EMEA_ORGROD. The stocks for Acer CloudMobile in romania are gone in about 1h every time..:P
  12. BETEP , do you got any stuff for the -1 cpu Acer CM?
  13. Mircerson

    [PORT][JB]Note II's Multi Window [alpha]

    I'm on it :P I'll test anything with the software , but nothing with bootloader or roms .
  14. Mircerson

    [PORT][JB]Note II's Multi Window [alpha]

    Why not trying on ICS Rom? With JB , with only work for the devices with EMEA_FR and WW_GEN1
  15. Mircerson

    [ROM] Cirrus ROM v1.0.5b [04/02/2013]

    O sa faci , si cate dintre deviceuri o sa brickuiesti? Gandeste ca e vorba de un tot alt baseband :) Mai bine las-o asa . Si crede-ma , unul functional 100% fara basedump sau alt minuni nu o sa gasesti. Era unul cu 4.1.2 pe EMEA_ORGROD , dar e instabil rau. Just random stuff... another baseband , orange crap , cpu locked, and he's probabbly just talking :P

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