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  1. Seems like you can't get a new screen. If u broke it , then.. its death.
  2. The EMEA_ORGROD and EMEA_MOBISTAR are not BRANDED devices. They are COUNTRY REGION. As for the Romania , Acer CM S500 only comes with EMEAORGROD and for belgium is only EMEA_MObiSTAR. Does not matter if u buy it free of contract.
  3. I... just broked my screen glass and the digitizer.. can't do to much with it.. has any one got a source of parts for this device?
  4. Hai ca m-ai spart. 50 de euro pe viata a fost... vorbeam pe un an. Si cred ca stiu cu cine am de a face. Lasa batmanismele in spatele monitorului , mai ales ca nu te implici cu nimic in developing ci doar copy paste de pe un forum pe altul. Daca deblochezi bootloaderul , atunci probabil sa vi sa faci tam tam.
  5. Totusi tu esti prost? Fa-l ba nene .ro nu .net
  6. Go settings > About phone > make at screen at Image Version
  7. Where are you from and where did you bought the phone?
  8. Yooo , if you can get it lemme your twitter or a skype adress on PM please :P . This would be intersting to get the jelly bean for the EMEA_ORGROD. The stocks for Acer CloudMobile in romania are gone in about 1h every time..:P
  9. BETEP , do you got any stuff for the -1 cpu Acer CM?
  10. I'm on it :P I'll test anything with the software , but nothing with bootloader or roms .
  11. Why not trying on ICS Rom? With JB , with only work for the devices with EMEA_FR and WW_GEN1
  12. O sa faci , si cate dintre deviceuri o sa brickuiesti? Gandeste ca e vorba de un tot alt baseband :) Mai bine las-o asa . Si crede-ma , unul functional 100% fara basedump sau alt minuni nu o sa gasesti. Era unul cu 4.1.2 pe EMEA_ORGROD , dar e instabil rau. Just random stuff... another baseband , orange crap , cpu locked, and he's probabbly just talking :P
  13. Diference bettwen -3 and -1. its just a dual carrier issue. "Dual-carrier is not dual-sim. It is a technology that allows network speed up to 42Mbps where the standard cloudmobile will only go up to 21Mbps. It is called dual carrier because it uses two carriers (lines) to double the speed."
  14. If you own a EMEA_ORGROD / EMEA_MBSD and you dont have the bootloader unlocked , just .. dont try to flash this cause it will just brick your device :P
  16. http://vache-android.com/Smartphones/CloudMobile/EMEA_ORGROD/SDs_Acer_S500_AV043.RV17RC01_EMEA_ORGROD.zip Download this Move the update.zip to your SDCARD Shut down the phone Press shutdown button + power down ( butonu de pornire + volum jos pana vibreaza) After the device vibrate press shutdown button + power up ( butonu de pornire + volum sus pana vibreaza) Then .. Wipe all data / factory reset Update from external SDCARD after the data its wiped And choose the update.zip archive
  17. Flash the stock rom. Will work 100%
  18. I think somebody does still ( especially in Romania , the Orange shops pretty much got it). Just matter of time still its leaked or freed by an Orange worker. ( 99%)
  19. If u have any problems with the new update , or you just want to have it you can easy flash it to your device. We kind of getting Orange to answer for our Jelly Bean and we got a opinnion with Jelly Bean Update comming from the middle of February to the end of March ( so , EMEA_ORGROD will still get jelly bean)
  20. Jelly bean is not offcial for any version of Acer Cloudmobile. Jelly bean 4.1 will start releasing by the end of February or by the start of March
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