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  1. hmmm i don't undersatnd your problem,because i don't have any problems with sms application in this release of rom(28.3) :P
  2. I think Daemond has more important things to do than solving adrian's(that is my name) problems :)
  3. thank you for your help and patience,but there is little problem i am impatient :P I tried to write it, but every time the same(link failed File exists) I can live without it, anyway thanks :)
  4. i only have to create a folder which is called : sdcard and then gameloft ...bla bla bla? :)
  5. can you explain what the "symlink" is? and how it can help me :) thank you
  6. an sd card with at least 1mb free is required in order to download new content WHY i received this message in every game which i want to start playing ? pls HELP
  7. this room is very good but it can take many days until this rom will be as fast as daemonds' release
  8. so authorize it! you have to rewrite one WORD! is it problem? are you human ? :P
  9. HEY guys STOP talking about him! Modaco is not a good place for that.
  10. i have a little problems with phone calls,after a call, the screen sometimes does not want to turn on(it takes about 5 seconds) any fix for that ?
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