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  1. Ocaderan

    Huawei Ascend Y100 only £24.99

    perhaps you could make a partition on the SD card to use as internal memory for apps?
  2. What is the first boot into ICS like? After unpacking and installing, mine went to the huawei logo, then an android logo with it formatting data + cache, then rebooted and went to vodafone logo, rebooted again and went to vodafone logo again, and now it's been on the vodafone logo for about a minute. Normal? Never mind, booted. Was just really worried heh. Thanks for the help. The buttons seem bigger and the touchscreen more responsive. The UI also looks very refreshing and refined, in my opinion :D
  3. Thanks, thanks very much. I assume it's fine to update from b886 to b936 directly? Factory reset before or after update? (Sorry if i'm asking too many questions..) Will the rom from "www.huaweig300.com" contain all english apps/boot screens/etc?
  4. Is there any risk of bricking the phone? Do i need to root and backup my IMEI if i'm just installing the official update?
  5. Ah, thanks. Do they come with vodafone stuff or are they stock?
  6. I don't want to root, just using OTA updates. Can i update directly from b886 or do i have to go from b893 to b926? Because as stated, i'm having trouble getting b893.
  7. No one? I mean, 70 views and not one response? Don't think i'll be coming back here again ((ignore please, was frustrated for other reasons))
  8. OK, so i'm trying to update my G300 to B893 and then ICS, but whenever i go to download B893, it will download it for about 30mins, and then it pops up with an error (I suppose) that more or less said that the network wasn't available (WiFi) and it gave me the option to retry or cancel, however after retrying it comes up with the same message about half an hour later. Going to try again, but does anyone have a solution or the update file? (U8815_Vodafone_B893, 32.69MB) Baseband is B886, network is Vodafone IE.

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