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  1. tillaz in next build you can port toogles android 4.2/4.3 (cm10.1) thx
  2. NEW BUILD!!! http://getcm.thebronasium.com/get/cyanogenmod/66/cm-9-20130622-NIGHTLY-u8815.zip
  3. here another experimetnal kernel with intellidemand i think now save more battery (enable by default, you only need to set ondemand governor) http://d-h.st/xZz by: kra1o5
  4. Bugs: -Stock Camera is slow (Using LegacyCamera doing well or other of play store). -AOKP LED Manager only shows white (Solved selecting another app from within the application). -AOKP Manager shortcuts not working properly (Using CyanogenMod manager). Changelog 05/08/13 - Milestone 1 RC1 -Default governor: OndemandX (More battery) -Latest changes in PAC repo (RC1 Milestone1) 15/07/13 - R21 -Fix problem with Hangouts (Thanks to Konstat) -Latest PAC changes 10/07/13 - R20 -Kernel Improvements -Latest changes in PAC (a lot of Bugfixes) 30/06/13 - R19 -Bug fix release R19, Here the real changes in audio. 29/06/13 - R18 -Audio changes -Some of performance tweaks -Latest PAC source (Phone FC fixed & Autobrightness fixed) 23/06/13 - R17 -latest changes in pac 16/06/13 - R16 -Fix root -Fix audio -Cortex A5 optimization 15/06/13 - R15 -Fix problem with install button -HALO updates -Try get more battery life -Try audio improvements -Changes to ROW IO -Minor bug fixes 12/06/13 - R14 -Fix problem with mic ( @ptoner you can try now & confirm if this is fixed) -Fix small bugs in R13 -PAC 23.0.0 & Paranoid 3.60 (Yes HALO is here) 08/06/13 - R13 -Battery improvements -PA preferences 5.3 -CM-10.1 RC5 -Latest changes in PAC 04/06/13 - R12 -Fix problem with PA preferences resolution -Fix problem with Calendar app -PAC 22.4.0 & CM-10.1 RC4 -A lot of bug fixes 01/06/13 - R11 -Updates in audio from CAF & changes volume in call -Fix problem with Mms app -Latest changes in PAC 27/05/13 - R10 -Fix enable/disable option for 3 dots overflow -Fix Memory leaks -Improvements 25/05/13 - R9 -Fix Movie Studio -Various improvements -Recent changes in the repo PAC 23/05/13 - R8 -Fix VOIP audio routing now Viber, Line works (Thanks to telonius) -Fix some lags in youtube videos & random green line -Recent changes in the repo PAC 22/05/13 - R7 -Fixed error with Calculator -Added some missing spanish traslations (Thanks jordilopez94 for the help) -Fixed little jerks on videos -Fixed small errors -Recent changes in the repo PAC 20/05/13 - R6 -Goodbye reboots (I think no more random reboots) -Fixed Email app FC -Fixed Lockscreen shortcuts -Added some missing spanish traslations (Thanks jordilopez94 for the help) -Now this have CM10.1 RC1 & big part of RC2 -Minor bug fixes -Recent changes in the repo PAC 18/05/13 - R5 -Changes in the kernel compared to the previous version -Changes in the audio -Fixed small errors -Recent changes in the repo PAC 14/05/13 - R4 - Kernel changes (I think not more random reboots) - Synced with lastest source of PAC 11/05/13 - R3 - Kernel Improvements - Changes layout of various apps (Settings, Youtube...) - Latest PACman 22.2.0 (Various importants bug fixes, AOKP changes merged & CM 10.1 RC1) 10/05/13 - R2 - Fixes OMX problems (Now Youtube & video recording is working) - Minors improvements - Synced with latest sources of PACman 08/05/13 - R1 - Initial release
  5. Description The struggle to find the rom you need is over. Some people like CyanogenMod 10, Some prefer AOKP, Some like the advantages of Paranoid Android To cure your rom hunt we have come up with the P A C man Rom. PACman is a unique rom. We have picked the best features from CM10, Aokp and PA and combined them in a single rom so you get the experience you deserve To enjoy the features of every available project without the hassle of flashing regularly. The Rom is rock stable for an average user but keep in mind the Rom is in WIP stage so expect some minor hickups but we are trying our best to resolve these issues Kra1o5 has compiled this rom from sources Screenshots Downloads ROM : http://d-h.st/GY6 | MD5: 731c1be050fef30aea37f7223da9849c GAPPS: http://goo.im/gapps/...0301-signed.zip FAQ: Radio FM: Spirit FM Free: http://d-h.st/Zt4 Old version: R1 --> http://www.solidfile...m/d/4815ac6fc5/ R2 --> http://d-h.st/Xoz R3 --> http://d-h.st/emm R4 --> http://d-h.st/jKK R5 --> http://d-h.st/HKj R6 --> http://d-h.st/isa R7 --> http://d-h.st/G7G R8 --> http://d-h.st/Qmv R9 --> http://d-h.st/kjO R10 --> http://d-h.st/KP0 R11 --> http://d-h.st/Fz8 R12 --> http://d-h.st/aLh R13 --> http://d-h.st/r14 R14 --> http://d-h.st/jEp R16 --> http://d-h.st/djW R17 --> http://d-h.st/kve R18 --> http://d-h.st/nAg R19 --> http://d-h.st/iCa R20 --> http://d-h.st/L3z R21 --> http://d-h.st/SA6 Credits kra1o5, Dazzozo , PAC, AOKP, PA, CM Sources: Device: https://github.com/K...ce_huawei_u8815 Kernel: https://github.com/K...el_huawei_u8815 Vendor: https://github.com/K...y_vendor_huawei
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