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  1. Hello! I need to test my app on my phone. When I connect it in USB debug mode enabled nothing happens. When I check with 'adb devices' command it doesn't shows my phone. I've tried uninstall and reinstall Huawei drivers and google drivers, still nothing. I have an unknown device in the device manager called msm7627a (this is my phones chipset). What am I missing? Using Win7 64 bit, Cyanogenmod 11 (Android 4.2.2).
  2. Hey Is anyone using Viber here with this ROM? Is it working properly? I'm just trying it out and didn't have the chance to test it properly yet.
  3. Srsly someone explain to me why the hack is a font so important? I mean if FM radio don't work or there are random reboots I get it why complain. But a font?! It is a different looking TEXT right? Just so we clear...
  4. 04.13 nightly works for me very smooth with dalvik. I'm saying this bc I read the april nightlys are not quite stable. Well, this is and not planning to update anytime soon (maybe in a month). Only problem I got is some system ui restarts after about half a minute frozen time but after that everything worked. No unexpected phone restarts experienced.
  5. Yeah it is quite possible. I'm developing an app on it and when I've accidently put too much cpu intense work in a thread it instantly rebooted. Only tried on virtual Android where it didn't so it is rom specific I guess.
  6. Yeah, if you enabled it in Google Settings. Speaking of: is anyone know how to disable this voice recognition thing entirely? Because if I accidentally turn or move my handset in the jack connector it stops the music and says "say name or number" and it is VERY annoying. Probably it thinks that I pressed the call button on my headset which I don't have on mine, it is a simple earphone. This occurs in all ROMs btw. EDIT: It looks like I've solved it. Disabled the Voice dialer built in app.
  7. Maybe try with an other music app like PowerAMP. Other: Is bluetooth works for everyone? I have a LiveView BT watch and it keeps loosing the signal and repairing...
  8. EndruBoy1

    ADB not recognize Y300 with CM11

    Tried to restart adb server still nothing, not even the popup shows on my phone. I've downloaded the latest Google USB drivers like says here. When I right click on the unkown device at device manager and try to install the driver from my local disk it says no driver found (I've selected the {sdk}/extras/google/usb-driver folder). The SDK manager says every component I have is up to date. I'm out of ideas.
  9. Hey guys! I've read some pages here but could not make a conclusion. Is this ROM acceptable for daily use? Does it have a fully working HW acceleration? Great work btw!
  10. Hello! My parents are a little unfriendly with Android and tend to make huge bills because they fail to end their calls correctly and Android just put it to the background and the only thing reminds them for this is a tiny little green phone icon on the status bar (whitch they often fail to see). Can anyone suggest an app or solution to avoid this? Thanks.
  11. I have B7, if I want to flash B8 what should I wipe? Only system? I want to keep my apps and settings if possible and I always forget how to do that.
  12. Or buy Nokia 3310 :D. Sorry couldn't resist.
  13. I realy don't see how can FFOS compete with Android on this device. I think it's for even cheaper phones.
  14. Okay, thanks guys. I've flashed FusionX and for now I think I'll settle with it.
  15. Boot normally? No it didn't work if I've removed the battery (the only way to shut down the phone after black screen in TWRP), it stucked at the Huawei logo.
  16. Yeah I've did that, now I know that something is wrong. While flashing I get a black screen with button lights on eighter way and the ROM doesn't flash fully. I've wiped everything so now I don't know what is the problem.
  17. Hello I tried to install this ROM with TWRP but while flashing the installiation bar animation stops and I get black screen with only the buttons flashing. I wiped everything. What can be a problem? I've even did an md5 check...
  18. This auto lock screen function kills me... I'm flashing a ROM and now it's went full dark. Normaly I can wake it up if toching the screen. Now I can't with anything. Only choice is to reboot the phone and prey it is not bricked....
  19. Yeah thanks, but I've kinda read it. I did ask it wrong. What I ment to ask is hows it's speed on the Y300? Because I would imagine it helps a lot in such low budget devices like this.
  20. @Dazzozo Will the new virtual machine named ART be avaliable on KitKat? If it is, have you tried it?
  21. I don't agree, as I see this ROM is far more smooth overall than stock. For example changing between apps happens almost instantly and there are about 40-50 MB more free RAM by default. Maybe it's true for the stock based ROM's out there but not the stock. I don't play games on phone so maybe the stock is better in that aspect I don't know. Btw I don't see people raging here, they just write down their feedback which is exatly what this topic is for I think.
  22. Camera works fine when taking pictures and when making videos for me. Altough the videos looks kinda low fpsed but not that bad. Latest ROM, just did a clean install today.I don't use the other apps so I can't confirm those. I don't think Huawei = slow/bad is true anymore, especialy if you think about the P6. :)
  23. Now I did a clean install (wiped system, data, android secure, dalvik). It seems better, at least some minor bugs seems to be disappeared. Time will tell... BTW the Youtube app plays the videos on a very low resolution for me. I mean it's pretty much as bad as with green bar on it. Again, it's just a feedback I understand that it is only nightly.

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