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  1. +1 I am also experiencing this issue. Having successfully applied the official bootloader unlock on my handset last week, I have been running this rom for the last few days. Other than the previously reported 3g issue (I'm UK- GiffGaff/O2) it runs along very nicely. After demo'ing it to my wife, she asked to install on her handset also. I've followed the same steps to unlock the bootloader (with key from Huawei) and then proceeded to unlock>flash TWRP>copy over the .zip>factory reset>install from SD etc. It confirms installation as successful in TWRP and then reboots into the spinning CyanogenMod loading image and simply goes no further. I can't understand where it's going wrong as this has worked on my own handset. Any suggestions? Thanks :wacko: Edit: Issue seemed to relate to misapplied Root settings - I went back through the rooting steps from this guide: http://huaweig300.com/how-to-root-the-huawei-g300/ and re-installed CWM, which appears to have resolved the issues.
  2. Please add me to the list of successful users +1 :D Couple of pointers I would add/stumbling points I came across Expand in more detail on the "open command window here section" this needs to be run from inside the ADB folder you created (so it can access the files such as 'fastboot.exe) took me a couple of goes running it on the SD card folder before I figured it out! Upon applying the code and subsequent reboots - it reactivated 'fast boot' mode in the system settings. You have to go back in and turn this off before powering off the phone and then holding down the volume keys/power on etc. Otherwise you won't get it to stick at the Ascend screen. Think it's already been mentioned but for clarity - the forceupdate.app section: once you've downloaded the 2 files you'll need Winrar to open the .zip file. For me I did the following which worked (I could be wrong?) Right click the .zip>Extract here. This creates a dload folder, alongside the original .zip and .z01 files. Inside this new folder is one entry update.app. You need to copy/paste (or drag & drop) the dload.zo1 file into this new folder. Then copy the unpacked folder over to the phones SD card - don;t copy the .zip file as this won't work. This list is merely where I hit snags - it shouldn't take away from the excellent work that the George109 and others have put in to create this. Yes it's long winded, yes it's a bit faffy..but it works!! :D Thank you sir Richy.
  3. Great article with overview of application and usage video Paranoid Android HALO Overview
  4. Just want to add my 2 cents to this topic - installed R8 and moved to R9 over last few days. No issues at all with the ROM, the installation (full wipe->install) or it's operation. Works very well, no perceived issues with any of the standard apps thus far (been using on mine and my wife's phone all weekend) Signal, call and text issues seem to be all resolved also (I'm a UK-GiffGaff user) and I've not noticed any forced reboots either. The only thing I made sure was to leave the device to auto update from Google for about 10 mins after ROM install and then do a manual reboot. Hat's off to the developers and related parties for making a smooth efficient ROM based on the latest OS which is a great achievement for this bargain handset! :-) If I had one thing to add that perhaps could feature in future updates it would be some more PacMan options - e.g. Wallpaper, message tones etc. Keep up the good work - I certainly appreciate the efforts. Cheers, Richy.
  5. Thanks for the quick response - have flashed as you directed and so far it's looking (and more importantly behaving) very well - good job sir! The only thing I am a little confused by is I seem to be missing a camera option - have installed it on my own and my wife's phone and neither have a camera app of any kind. I performed a full format clean install (but came from CM10.1) Any ideas? Thanks again. Richy.
  6. Apologies if I'm stating the obvious but just want to confirm before I begin - to install this ROM do I need to download the original files and each of the released patches, or does the latest ROM include all historic fixes? Having had mixed success with other ROM's I want to make sure I start off on a nice clean slate with this one. Many thanks, Richy.
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