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  1. Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveCompetition! http://t.co/c1zppXyoOL

  2. @Richie2209: Kattints a Beállítások->A telefonról->Build számra katt 7x,aztán lépj vissza és kattints a ->Fejlesztői lehetőségekre... Ott megtalálod az USB hibakeresést. nana nem minden magyar hülye :D hoho not all hungarians are stupid :D
  3. @Konstat Pls make it for Blade 1 users :(
  4. android 4.4 uses lower ram and lower cpu than this, on 4.4 i think we don't need to use zram and ksm... but we'll see
  5. Pont azt írják,hogy kevesebb ramot eszik,kevesebb cpu-t te meg ennek az ellentkezőjét mondod... Pont hogy ez a 4.3 lassú :S
  6. Use this: http://www.modaco.com/topic/360395-devrom145-cyanogenmod-10-continuation-of-konstats-work/
  7. I have 2250mAh battery and 1950mAh battery. These are better than the original 1250mAh battery,but don't really 2250mAh and 1950mAh. These about 1500mAh
  8. i had full wipe and format system. When i install this rom,i see this message in cwm "Installing extras... skipping ,not enough space for extras" i have 160mb partition Sry for bad english
  9. too much lag for me. when typing, when playing games,and so on... :\ What's the problem with this? which settings i need? /sry for bad english, I'm Hungarian.../
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