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  1. i am currently working somewhere that the pc's only have internet connection via ethernet. there is no wifi. is there a way that i can somehow access the net on my android devices - a san fran and a trans prime. can i create a wifi network with the laptop maybe that my devices can get internet from? it seems so simple but i cant work it out!
  2. its ok - i managed to sort it. this adb browser is bloody excellent. qtadb.wordpress.com/download/
  3. by this i mean... can someone post the way to goto mounting the USB.. i.e. boot into CWM press down 3 times then home then press down 7 times then home i cant quite remember it properly and i dont want to wipe the device by accident
  4. ok, so it has a plastic case but i drop it, once, 2 feet onto a tile floor, and the screen goes black. done. game over :-( i'm travelling at the moment so this is particularly devestating! now when the device boots there is just a strip of white pixels maybe 5mm wide going from top to bottom. does anyone know what part might fix it? the screen isnt cracked. now - the real reason for the post. i need to get access to some of the files on there ASAP - can someone tell me the exact method i can get the USB connection up and running through CWM as i'm guess i can still access that even though i cant see what im doing? thanks in advance... really missing my g300...
  5. ah excellent, thanks. i didnt know if any special offical update had to go on first or something. fingers crossed now.
  6. hi all, ok long story made short: friend bought a g300 pre-ICS i installed infusion ( maybe 3 months ago, an old version ) now i'm away travelling he is now unhappy with the phone as its become laggy and buggy he isnt comfortable with deeper rom/firmware upgrades i think the limit of his skills would be to install an update from CWM now, the question is, what is the easiest way i can get him upgraded? is there, and if so which, a zip that he can just apply in cwm or even in goo manager or something? it needs to be easy and as risk-free as possible... thanks
  7. Hi all,have a prob with this rom but not sure if fixable.Im travelling russia at the moment and every time I leave a city the GPS loses tracking and it does get a fix again until I connect to a wifi! Is it relying on a-gps so much? Does GPS stop trying to find satellites when phone sleeps?
  8. yeah its a weird one. ok will try that when i get home. cheers.
  9. hi all, first time trying ics and i put 5.2 on from a fresh wipe. i downloaded gapps from the front page and all seems good but i havent got a calendar app at all. when i look at sync in settings it doesnt show as an option - only contacts and email shows... any ideas what to do here?
  10. i've got no calendar - there is a link a few pages back but i cant get it to work - it just sits saying "please wait while we prepare your download" any other links? ideas?
  11. after the latest update i dont always get notifications of new sms...anyone else experience the same? sometimes i do, sometimes i go into sms and find 3 unread ones that i havent been notified about.
  12. agreed - im getting really good battery mostly...but occasionally i'm getting something that is draining the battery even while charging!!! cant work out what it is but if i reboot if stops the drain. very weird.
  13. thanks, i get the gfx corruption too but at least i get my reminders back! will look at jorte - thanks.
  14. after installing this rom and the gapps i dont seem to have the google stock calendar app. this means i'm getting popup reminders...any ideas?
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