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  1. Horsa

    hudl2 does not charge

    Yeah.. Sorry to report that the charge issue is still with us. This is probably the first device that I actually regret buying.
  2. Horsa

    How to root your Hudl 2

    Thanks to Robin & EananC for their very valuable help... Rooted again gents, Appreciated.
  3. Horsa

    How to root your Hudl 2

    Yeah... Bit late for me unfortunately. :\ Have Lollipop on my Moto G. I like it, a lot of people don't.
  4. Horsa

    How to root your Hudl 2

    Is there likely to be un updated rooted image for build 20150319.222108? It would be much appreciated.
  5. Horsa

    How do i root Android 4.4 Kitkat?

    I managed to use the superboot method as detailed for 4.3 with a few oddities. The process needs to be performed twice and I had to d/l the superuser app manually from play store, but now rooted fine. Others (on xda) have reported the same results.
  6. Horsa

    European OTA roll out started (UK is a go!)

    I had a problem using this method that doesn't seem to have affected anyone else, from linux and using individual commands rather than a script the instructions tell you to use:- mfastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk1 mfastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk2 mfastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk3 Which caused me no end of failures until I discovered that the stock UK retail image I was using actually required:- mfastboot flash system system.img In place of the three lines above, not seen it mentioned anywhere else, so I wouldnt recommend trying it unless you ncounter a problem with that part of the process.
  7. I've just discovered this issue and am seriously considering returning the handset over it.
  8. Horsa

    Orange San Diego hasn't been discontinued

    Worth every penny I paid for them! :) Very bass heavy.
  9. Horsa

    SIM lock status

    That'll be a time of day/load issue. You either get Belfast or Noida depending on who has the highest load. Mind you, the service operator is an Asian firm who tend to rotate their lead staff through their "overseas" centres anyway, so even if you get Belfast you've about a one in three chance of getting someone whose first language isn't English.
  10. Mine's not that bad. I was last plugged in sometime on Wednesday afternoon, the 30% warning happened at some stage last night while I was sleeping. Couple of calls, a few texts, some brief web browsing and an hour or so of reading e-books during that time.
  11. Horsa

    Xolo JB

    It's curious how they seem to want to block root access. I can understand, to a degree, why they want the bootloader locked.... But blocking root? Why? Is there something we're missing do you think? Some sort of security loophole? Have had similar thoughts about the seemingly daft decision to deactivate the SD card slot.
  12. I've had the pro version of Smart Screen Off on the OSD for a while now, works fine with my flip case. Not sure what the impact on battery life is, but I seldom go more than 24hrs with plugging in anyway.
  13. I'm just not very brave when I don't have CWM to fall back on when I boob.
  14. XP exists on a Government surplus tablet computer that I've had lying in the attic for years. Was going to turn it into a car computer but never got around to it. Ricky's tool is the first time I've had any use for Windows since XP was in vogue. Think I have everything done now anyway!
  15. Can the stock browser email & Gmail apps be removed if you're using 3rd party alternatives?

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