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  1. Ok, I didn't know that I had to flash the gapps again! Everything is working now :)
  2. @peta809: as jventura said, FM Radio is NOT working. @jventura: I upgraded from the previous version and now my gmail account dissapeared and when I tried to add a new contact it asked me to add a new Exchange account. I'm trying to add my gmail account there but it can't connect to the server... Then I added it as an email account (in System Settings > Accounts & synchronization) but I still don't get any email notifications... Gmail app (which I was using until the update) shuts as I open it, but Mail app seems to work well. Can anyone confirm this behavior? I may just need to do some wipes, because I installed the update without wiping anything. Edit: I have just noticed that Google Play doesn't work either. Which wipes should I perform?
  3. Thank you very much! Just one suggestion, would you add md5 checksums next to the file download links? Just in case :)
  4. I can only think of this one right now, but I don't know if it will be of any use to you, sorry :S
  5. I couldn't manage to make any TPT work, so I finally did it with this guide and the custom G2 160 v10 firmware. It looks scary at first but then everything went fine :)
  6. Ok, now I have done it via windows flash. The problem was that I had to turn it on while it was connected to the PC via USB. It didn't work when I did it without connecting it, or I did something wrong. Now it's booting into my new ECO CM9 :D
  7. What cache size do you recommend for this rom? I am using 20 mb, but I'm having problems to boot the TPT and haven't succeeded to install it yet (see this thread). Also, could you provide TPT images with recommended partition layouts(i.e. the one you're using)? Edit: would it be possible to install this without using a TPT? It's definitely not working...
  8. Today I tried a clean sd card, created a new TPT image and booted from it. Surprisingly, it did boot the TPT, but it showed error! messages. I waited 5 min and it was still there and not responding to any input (such as holding power button), so I took the battery out, tried again and the same happened. So I'm totally lost here, any ideas? Edit: I have just tried windows flashing following this thread, but it won't even boot into recovery mode holding volume down. Is my rom badword or what?
  9. I have just read that Mr. Pigfish is unreliable and that Blade Checker is better, so I've just installed it and it says: "Stock/Windows Upgraded Gen 2 Phone detected". So I need Gen2 TPTs and none of them boot. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong? What I do: download ROM and put it into SD card, check md5, download TPT and extract into card or make TPT with TPT Helper, shut down, take battery out, wait 30 secs, put battery back in, hold vol+ and menu and then power. It boots into Android, as always. P.S: I am going through the entire process now and TPT Helper's option "Check image folder" returns as output only 10 out of 12 matches, the no match ones being appsboot.mbn and partition_zte.mbn. It happens again if I recreate the TPT. P.P.S: I have just read from TPT Helper's author Amphoras that it is expected that those two files do not match md5 sums when using custom partition sizes because they have been modified, so that cannot be the problem.
  10. Of course I'm using Gen2 TPT, I have tried both KonstaT's TPT for Gen2 and my own TPT made with TPT Helper for stock Gen2.
  11. @[email protected], it showed the error messages when I tried the wrong TPT image (Gen1-to-Gen2, when my phone is Gen2, European Blade sold with Froyo). And there was no clue of a process going on, so I turned it off and back on and it booted into android. Should I try it again and wait? @planax, yes I did that. @HumaDroid, that as well, every time but for the one when I created my own TPT.
  12. By the way, the ROM I'm trying to flash is this one and the guide I'm following for the TPT is this one at xda.
  13. Hi, I have been trying to flash a new rom onto my Blade, but every time I try to boot into the TPT to change the partition layout I end up booting into the existing Android... I really don't know why, I have followed the instructions (taking battery out, waiting 30 secs, putting battery back in) and tried several different TPTs (KonstaT's TPT for stock Gen2 -which is mine according to Mr Pigfish-, Gen1-to-Gen2 -which didn't work but showed green letters and an error- and one I made myself with TPT helper for Stock Gen2). It may be worth noting that I have two partitions in my SD card from the last time I flashed a ROM (Codename GingerX, 2.3.4). I have a 125MB ext4 sd-ext partition and a 7.1GB fat32 partition for data. I don't think if this matters, but I tried putting the image/ folder in both partitions and even tried a different sd card in case it made a difference - but it didn't. Every single time it booted into the existing android os, but for the time I tried KonstaT's Gen1-to-Gen2 TPT which showed green letters saying "error! error! error!" So I'm out of ideas here. Any input will be appreciated. Cheers!
  14. I did that every time I tried, for 30 secs... anything else?

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