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  1. I have rooted my phone, installed cwm, and i was thinking about installing resurrection remix rom. I wondered if i need to flash a different kernel, im still on gb 2.3.6 and im not sure if its suitable, I've tried searching on Google but seem to get more conflicting answers. Any help would be most appreciated.... Thanks
  2. when i connected my phone via kies it said your device firmware is not supported to update with kies. What does this mean,im on GB 2.3.6,i want to update to ics when i connected to kies it came up with these details also PDA kl1 PHONE kl1 CSC kl1(kor) im new to this so i hope i dont sound to much like a noob Has anyone got any thoughts or ideas?? I tried typing in the *#1234# this info came up PDA: I9100XXKL1 PHONE:I9100XXKL1 CSC:I9100XXOXAKL1
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