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  1. that's a bit weird. are you using the Facebook app or facebook webpage. web uses a redirect link to external sites which I guess Android doesn't catch. to allow you to run the link in YT app.
  2. Flash is unsupported since 4.0.4 Run stock rom if you want flash to work the best. Why wouldn't you use the Youtube app...?
  3. you should always be able to flash TPT's from http://www.amphoras.co.uk/downloads/blade-tpts as far as I know they all contain recoverys. I would flash this one http://www.amphoras.co.uk/downloads/blade-tpts#g2MMHMP Then use TPT helper to make a custom TPT (make sure to choose cwm recovery when you make custom TPT! with 160mb (185 for CM10.2) system size. Then KonstaT's latest CWM from recovery (http://www.modaco.com/topic/359832-devrom247-cyanogenmod-101-android-422/page-21#entry2075296) I think you'll have best luck flashing KonstaT's CM10.1 for now http://www.modaco.com/topic/359832-devrom247-cyanogenmod-101-android-422/ Be sure to read ALL of the information before you continue. that way you'll know what to do alot better :)
  4. When you compile it yourself :) You have the tools. KonstaT already said he moved on to another device. I wouldn't expect him to ever make a new build, if he does, say thanks then ^^
  5. nah man, when GPS is on, you tell the police. and give the police your IMEI if you have it. they can track that too. Problem is if they'll care. that is sometimes the problem with police today. to put resources on such "small things" Good luck though!
  6. I'm pretty sure he already knows. if he bothers to make a new build you'll hear about it, just enjoy the rom you got :)
  7. or just backup your SD card to a computer. put in the new one and partition it. then copy your files back over?
  8. Then feel free to use stock rom or KonstaT's 4.2 or 4.3 ROMS. they have FM working. And really how is an extra, cheap, device not a solution. you get your precious FM and longer battery time on your phone! win win situation. not to mention the extra device is not even half as big as the phone.
  9. Really? how is FM radio still a "vital" function on a smartphone? I never listen to FM radio on the go. never felt the need to, I have all my music on google music anyway. if an FM reciever is so god damn important, theres a simple solution. Go buy a 5-10$ mp3 player, they have fm radio built in, and run for what, 10-20 hours on a 1 AAA battery?
  10. He already said he might make updated build but he won't test them himself. pretty much just keeping up with cm patches
  11. I feel like a psychic. I'll be getting a Moto G as my next device then. Not saying I expect you to put out stuff for it, but it's a good price for a good device and lots of stuff going on already.
  12. may I ask which device? ;) I've been eyeing out the moto G
  13. if you really need help with this perhaps you shouldn't use this rom.
  14. well, my point it burstmode would be horrible, you're better of as it is, in my opinion.
  15. just open it in paint. it's a bitmap. and it looks to be correct it contains a square orange logo on a black background :)
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