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  1. I don't seem to be making any headway here so I have a few forum related questions... Should I be posting this somewhere else on the MoDaCo forum? If so where? Or is it in fact not the sort of problem that members can help me with here? Is there a better place to be asking about this elswhere on the web? Regards Rog8811
  2. Ok, another try to get some interest here. The sensor device can only connect with one mobile device at a time, a suggestion has been made that it could be possible to use one phone to blue tooth connect to the sensor then relay the information to other blue tooth connected phones..... Somewhat like the above.... add in a smart tag to connect student phones to the first mobile. *EDIT* I believe I am talking about making the first phone a bluetooth hot spot???? What do you think, can that be done? Is there a better way to do it?
  3. An update from my further googlings. I have read that a blue tooth device can connect to up to 8 other devices at a time, I have contacted the sensor builders to find out how the sensor device hand shakes with an interrogating phone and whether the above applies, I await a response. I have also been in contact with a smart tag developer and he has indicated that there are ways to get them to control blue tooth connection. Getting there slowly.
  4. Thank you for the information and especially for the link, I had been googling all over and not finding what I needed. I was thinking that it may be possible to use a smart tab as a quick connect to a blue tooth device but the more I have read the less likely it seems....though I have an iron or two in the fire on this one. It may be simpler to use QR tags with the correct bluetooth address in text form so that the students know which one to connect too. It does raise another question, can more than one phone connect to another blue tooth device at one time? Told you I was a newbie... it is all new to me.
  5. Newbie heading for the deep end here, I am working on a project where a number of students will use smart phones to connect via bluetooth to sensors placed around a woodland. It has occurred to me that with 20 or so phones looking for the correct bluetooth to connect too could be a bit confusing. I am thinking that NFC smart tabs may be the way to aid connection, so my questions are How can I find out which makes and models of smart phone are, at present, capable of reading smart tabs? Is it becoming a standard fitment on new phones? Is there an App that can enable a phone to work with them? Can the scan tags be used for the same purpose? So many questions...... and I am sure I will think of more but any help appreciated.
  6. Thanks for the initial input bladebuddy, it got me looking in the right places and finding the right answers, I followed the info from my own previous post and have got it all sorted! I have spent a few pence on widgets!
  7. Having spent ages hunting around I have found this guide, http://sanfranciscoandroid.co.uk/android/how-to-choose-and-install-a-rom/ Would I be right in thinking that I can follow it down to Number 9, then skip to number 14 to instal the gapps zip?
  8. Thanks, I will start looking to see if I can find a "how to" for that as I take it that you cannot just put the zip on the SD card and instal it? *edit* Have found and downloaded gapps-gb-20110828 onto my SD card, now need to find out what to do with it.
  9. A brief history first, I now have two San Franciscos , First was a faulty OLED SF blade and am hunting down a display for it. While waiting I bought a faulty TFT SF blade, replaced the screen, rooted it and installed cyanogenmod 2.3.7, feeling really plaesed with myself (first time flasher :) ) I looked for either android market or google play, niether were installed. Downloaded google play.apk and installed it, when I tried to run it I was asked for an account to be added but didn't take me anywhere to set it up. anyway I found a place in settings to add an account, put in e-mail info, it retrieves data, click next then and get this. If I go to google play it can see both phones, so google knows it exists, I have tried sending apps from google to the phone but they never arrive. Can anyone shed any light on this? Maybe there is a box I need to tick or something but I am lost! Any help greatly appreciated.
  10. Thanks for the info, I had decided to cancel the order as I could not get them to understand which display I needed. I will follow up on the other sources. *edit* I have put in a request to Deal extreme to see if they will list the OLED, I await a response.
  11. I have recieved the following fromTaobao, are there 2 OLED screens? If so how do I know which I need without destroying the phone? I have replied to say I need OLED samsungAMS353FD09
  12. I have started an order there but it got far more complicated than expected... not used to using an agent, I will await developments.
  13. Thanks for the info, I may be able to track down the correct one with the number you have provided. Having looked at the sales history on the ebay link, seller sold to someone wanting an OLED display. When it arrived buyer found it not working so was sent a replacement. When that didn't work either seller doubled the price on this listing and started to sell them as the later LCD screens on a different listing. Still looking.....
  14. I know this thread is a year old, I am hoping that one of the posters still has notifications set .... ;) The link to the OLED display is old and outdated, http://www.ebay.co.u...=p2047675.l2557 this appears to be the same animal http://www.ebay.co.u...d=320821539935 My worry is that the title says LCD screen on both, could I get confirmation that this is a correct replacement for my "blue flickering" OLED display. Oh and Happy new year!
  15. At last I have tracked down some info about this problem! I have been looking, on and off, for days the only thing I found was this on YouTube. The replies are "I replaced my mother board" and " I phoned Orange for a replacement". The original you tube poster never said what he did. Warming the phone made the flicker go away but the blue colouring still remained in the top 1/4 of the screen. The phone is now in a warm place to soak, to see if it improves it more... this can only be a temporary fix of course. *Edit* Having left the phone on my modem for half an hour I find the blue has gone, so as long as I keep it warm I should be ok..... <_< Do the experts here think that replacing the LCD screen will be the answer or is it likely to be a waste of time and money?

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