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  1. The fix is here: http://www.modaco.com/topic/361634-xmod-modaco-toolkit-for-xposed-framework/page__st__280#entry2140469 Hopefully Paul will be able to add it to his XMOD.
  2. Hi Paul, Is it possible to add the Google+ Locations fix for the custom ROM google map glitch? move /data/app/com.google.android.apps.plus-#.apk to system/app move /data/app-lib/com.google.android.apps.plus-#/* to system/lib # will be usually 1 or 2. Thanks.
  3. Because of his work with XMOD, I don't think there will be any updates on the MoDaCo ROM's. Just download the latest CM ROM update and install XMOD and associated files. All the MoDaCo custom's are now in the XMOD package.
  4. Installed Xposed and MoDaCo toolkit. Facebook Home and Wallet working perfectly on Nexus 7.. Great job Paul.
  5. Anyone having issue accessing the Messenger settings in the Home Settings?
  6. All the apps from Modaco have disappeared. At least on my play store. Seems to happen when they cleaned up apps that had malware included. I went to grab the xpose app and noticed all the apps were coming up not found.
  7. Same here. Tried about 10 minutes ago, and it was a bit better. But still quite slow. Not the usual.
  8. I had the same issue with light flow and a couple of other apps in the run as foreground mode.
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